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About MOT / TUAT

Outline of MOT / TUAT
Open 2005 April
Master of Technology Management(not Master of Manufacturing Strategy)
Schooling 2 yrs(4 semesters)
(nominal)40 students/year Real number of students; '05 : 49, '06 : 53, '07 : 45
65% are experienced in business several yrs
16 professors 7 moved from Faculty of Engineering and 9 from industry
20 part time professionals such as
Prof. Isayama, Former vice president of Nissan Motor Car Co.
Kato, Former president of Fuji Electric Co.
Mizoguchi, Former president of Nikkan Kogyo News Paper Co.
Exploitation at MOT / TUAT
Background: Many business losses caused by technological/technical miss.
Necessity: to forecast and hedge technological/technical risks quantitatively by scientific tools.
Strategy: to establish TUAT inherent MOT to renovate manufacturing competency by educating/re-educating such students as holding balanced ability of "to create new business using leading edge technology as well as paying attention to technological/technical risks".
Method: to apply concept of GEM and modify its curricula so as to match to our strategy to stand
on the strong competency of Acdemy-Industry cooperrated achievement Mission of TUAT/MOT
Mission of TUAT / MOT
Screening and Examination Procedure: Document Screening, Written Examination, Essay, Interview with an Oral Examination(English available)
*Note: As for the special selection for applicants with profession, written examination will be exempted.
*Note: It is recommended that students have a high-level of Japanese proficiency since all classes are available in Japanese.
Tuitions and Fees
Tuition: 572,400yen
Application Fee: 30,000yen
Admission Fee: 282,000yen
*Note: If the tuition fees are revised while attending school, all price revisions are effective from the moment of the amendment.
Students from overseas must obtain a visa (Ryugaku visa or any other type of visa).
However, please bear in mind that admission of our program may not be admitted as a reason for a visa issuance, because MOT/TUAT is a night program.
For more details, please inquire at the Immigration Bureau.
Contact Information
If you have any questions on our program, please contact us by email, telephone or fax (Japanese only).
TEL: 042-388-7739     FAX: 042-388-7661