☆★☆We are now accepting applications from International Students for October 2017 move-in (All International Houses)☆★
Applications finished

☆★☆We are now accepting applications from International Students
from December 2017 move-in (Hinoki Dormitory)☆★☆

Housing managed by TUAT

International Houses

There are two International Houses at TUAT, one on Fuchu and the other on Koganei Campus. There are also rooms available in the International Student House of Hitotsubashi University at Kodaira Campus.

TUAT International Houses

Basic Information
Application method for TUAT international students
Application method for TUAT visiting researchers and professors
Comparative table for International Houses (Fuchu × Koganei)

Hitotsubashi University's International Student House

Basic Information
*Information on application to the Hitotsubashi International Student House will be announced on the Web Bulletin Board when application period is open.

Contact Information:
International Affairs Office
E-mail: kokusai”*”cc.tuat.ac.jp(Please replace * for @ )

TUAT Student Dormitories

TUAT student dormitories were built to ensure good living and studying environment as well as to support enriching student life through cohabitation. These dormitories have been operated for Japanese students, however, starting April 2015, they became available for both Japanese and foreign students.
For those who would like to apply for the dormitory, please read and follow below procedure before the stipulated deadline. Admission to the dormitory will be determined after selection process and applicants to the dormitory must be enrolled at TUAT as a regular student by the time of move-in.

Mixed Dormitory "HINOKI" Application period: until November 9th

December 2017 move-in Guidelines (Japanese & English)

Male Dormitory "KEYAKI" Application period: until July 21st

October 2017 move-in Guidelines(Japanese & English)

Female Dormitory "KAEDE"Application period: until July 21st

October 2017 move-in Guidelines (Japanese only)

Application Forms and other information

Not available for temporary students.
Move-ins happen 2 times a year, in April and in October, only.
In case an application starts out of the designated periods, the information will be posted on this page
We accept applications for KAEDE dormitory from international students who have enough Japanese language ability, as KAEDE dormitory do not have house manager.

・Application for Residence to Student Dormitory (Japanese & English)
PDF File / Word File
・Written Pledge (for Hinoki Dormitory only)
PDF File / Word File

Comparative table


Keyaki Kaede  Hinoki 


Male only  Female only Mixed (separated by floor) 


 ・4‐storey reinforced concrete structure (building 1, 2, 3, and E)
・200 rooms
・Completed October 2009, refurnished March 2010
 ・3‐storey reinforced concrete structure
・48 rooms
・Completed 1986
・5‐storey building
・111 rooms
・Concluded August 2016

Capacity (foreigners)

 Total: 200 (foreigners: 20)  Total: 48 (foreigners: 5)  Total: 111  (foreigners: 21)


in-office administrator  by residing students  in-office administrator

 Boarding fees

 JPY 30,000 (PLUS common areas fee JPY 2,200) JPY 4,300 (PLUS boarding JPY 400/month,
common expense JPY 750/year, management
expense JPY 10,000/upon entry )
JPY 37,800 (PLUS common areas fee JPY 2,200)

 Move-out cleaning fees

 JPY 30,000 (to be paid upon move‐in)  None  JPY 30,000 (to be paid upon move‐in)


Bank transfer  Cash   Bank transfer


 Single room with bath, toilet, mini‐kitchen, IH cooking stove, loft bed, desk, chair, closet, air conditioner etc. Internet contract on individual base.  Single room with bed, desk, book shelf, air‐conditioner etc. Internet available. Single room with bath, toilet, mini‐kitchen, IH cooking stove, bed, desk, chair, closet, air conditioner etc. Internet contract on individual base.

 Common facilities

・Coin‐laundry on each floor
・Meeting room, chatting room
・Common bath
・Common toilet
・Common kitchen on each floor with gas cooking stove, microwave, refrigerator, TV, tableware, cooking equipment etc.)
・Common laundry and washroom on each floor.
・Coin‐laundry machines are available on each floor leve
・Community room
・Assembly room


Vacuum cleaner, etc.  Vacuum cleaner, dehumidifier, iron etc.
※Applicants must be able to speak Japanese
※Applicants must read "Important considerations for the Hinoki Dormitory" at the end of and sign written pledge


 2‐24‐16 Nakacho, Koganei‐shi,
Next to Koganei Campus
 2‐41 Saiwaicho, Fuchu‐shi,
Next to Fuchu Campus
 2‐41 Saiwaicho, Fuchu‐shi, Next to Fuchu Campus

Off Campus Housing and other Information

List of student accommodation managed by external organizations

Download PDF file from here (updated on July 2017)

List of real estate agencies nearby TUAT campuses and others

Download PDF file from here (updated on June 2016)

Guidebook for Tenants

A multilingual guidebook (available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) with easy to understand illustrations and information on finding a property, signing a lease, basic rules during your stay, moving-out procedures and emergency and disaster preparedness. Useful for foreigners looking for apartments in Japan on their own for the first time. Access it from here (updated on November 2015)

Comprehensive Renter's insurance for international students

In Japan, a guarantor is generally required before you move into a private apartment. The Comprehensive Renter's insurance policy, supported by Japan Educational Exchanges and services, makes it easier for international students to secure a guarantor by reducing psychological and financial burdens on the person acting as your guarantor. TUAT will issue a "Certificate for moving into an apartment" for you, on the condition that you join the insurance.

Download(A Guide to Campus Life for International Students - IV Housing)