Organizations supporting international students

Counseling regarding administrative matters

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Fuchu Campus


Fuchu Student Support Office(1st floor Main Building, Faculty of Agriculture)

  • Student Support Section  042-367-5579
  • Educational Affairs Office I  042-367-5662
  • Educational Affairs Office II  042-367-5659

Fuchu Administration Division, United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (1st floor Research Building for the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science)

  • Student Affairs Section  042-367-5670

Koganei Campus


Koganei Student Support Office (1st floor Administration Building for Faculty of Engineering)

  • Student Support Section  042-388-7026
  • Education Affairs Section I, II  042-388-7010

Counseling by International Center

Associate Professor Atsuko Tasaki
e-mail: tasaki(*)
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Faculty of Agriculture

Counselor for international students

Associate Professor Tetsuya Furuya

TEL 042-367-5255
e-mail: furuyat(*)
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Fuchu Campus New Building #4


  • Advisors will support freshmen from abroad for smooth landing in Japanese life. An advisor will be appointed to each class. For students affiliated with a laboratory, the laboratory's academic advisor will advise them concerning their specialty or any private matters. Other students may consult the faculty office.

Tutor System

Tutors offer extracurricular guidance and supports to international students concerning Japanese language, classes and daily life. The tutor is normally a Japanese undergraduate or graduate student in the same major.

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Student Counseling Room

Fuchu Campus Counseling Room (1st floor, Main Building, Faculty of Agriculture)

Tel 042-367-5606
Every Thursday 15:00 -17:00
Counselors : faculty of Agriculture and Advisors

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Koganei Campus Counseling Room (3rd floor, Administration Building)

Tel 042-388-7018
The 2nd Tuesday and Friday 15:00 -18:00

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Health Counseling

Health Service Center will provide support and advice free of charge. It is possible to provide simple treatment or introduce an appropriate hospital if necessary.
Office ours : Monday ? Friday 9:00-11:30, 12:15-17:00
Fuchu Campus : In the Administrative site (across the street from the main gate) Tel 042-367-5548
Koganei Campus : 1st floor Administration Building Tel 042-388-7171

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TUAT Mentor System

This is a student counseling for female undergraduates, provided by female graduate students regarding overall campus life. We are sorry currently the system is only in Japanese but you could give a try.

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We respect all the human rights and try to create the best environment for education and research at TUAT. We will not allow any harassment including sexual harassment. Please contact International Center or Health Service Center when you need support.