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Life in Japan

Health Maintenance

National Health Insurance


All foreign students scheduled to stay in Japan for three months or longer should join the "National Health Insurance". If you or your family get sick or are injured in Japan and receive treatment at registered hospitals, your medical expense will be 30% of the total expense. The remaining 70% will be borne by the insurance. For procedures to join the insurance, please consult your local city hall. Residents of Fuchu city : Insurance and Pension Section, 5F, Fuchu City Hall; for residents of Koganei city : Insurance and Pension Section, 2F, Koganei City Hall NO.2 Bld. Office hours are 8:30〜17:00)

Personal Accident Insurance for Students pursuing Education and Research

On entrance to TUAT, we ask all the students to join "Personal Accident Insurance for Students pursuing Education and Research", which covers you against physical injuries arising from unexpected accidents during classes, research, and extracurricular activities. You can join the insurance at any time during your stay at TUAT. There is a supplementary insurance to cover when you caused injuries to a third party. Please inquire at Educational and Student Affairs Section at Fuchu Campus 042-367-5579 and Koganei Campus 042-367−7011.

Travel Insurance Procedures after arrival in Japan

If your stay period in Japan is less than 3 months, and you have not joined international travel insurance in your home country, please join one of the below travel insurance to protect yourself for unexpected incidents.

東京海上日動 (Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Insurance)

Application through agent:
Manolin http://www.manolin.jp/theme223.html

Tokio Marine Omotenashi Policy http://www.friendship-co.jp/sp/pdf/rainichi.pdf#search='Tokio+Marine+omotenashi+policy'

損保ジャパン興亜 (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa)

Insurance application Page: http://www.sjnk.jp/travelins/english2/index.html?code=99010
(Englishdownload/Chinesedownload/Koreandownload available).

Access the page above and provide your e-mail address. After that, you will be redirected to the page below for application procedures.

In case you wish to see the procedures before applying, click here: https://travelins.sjnk.jp/agreements/add/product?access_token=FJQtK96G

Note: Insurance for up to 30 days only.

Medical Checkup

Medical checkup for students is scheduled twice a year in April and October. Details will be announced on WEB information board in advance.

  Click here for "Information about the Periodic Health Examination for New Students"

Disaster Prevention

You may occasionally encounter natural disasters including earthquake and typhoon in Japan. Please check the below information to be well prepared.

★Tokyo Bousai (Disaster Preparedness)


2) URL for English : http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/ENGLISH/GUIDE/BOSAI/index.htm download
3) URL for Chinese : http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/CHINESE/GUIDE/BOSAI/index.htm download
4) URL for Korean : http://www.metro.tokyo.jp/KOREAN/GUIDE/BOSAI/index.htm download

★Disaster Mitigation Checklist PDF

It is a portable one page checklist for you to carry in your pocket, wallet or bag.
It provides important information about what to do in case of disaster.


Immunization for infants

To international students and researchers with infants:
Below you will find lists of immunization, recommended schedule, and clinics/hospitals with immunization services for infants. Please read the contents carefully, before visiting clinics/hospitals for immunization. Please note contents may be unclear due to automatic translation.

1. Fuchu City

a. Immunization at Fuchu City
To access the English page, please follow the steps below:
1) Fuchu City HP TOP : https://www.city.fuchu.tokyo.jp/index.html
2) Click “Foreign Language” tab at top of the page.
3) Select and click your choice of language (English, Chinese, or Korean)
4) Press “OK” on the Notification page. This will take you to the TOP page in your selected language.
5) Click “Childrearing/Education” tab.
6) Click “Mother and Child’s health”
7) Click “Fixed period vaccination
8) Click “About the fixed period vaccination performed in Fuchu-shi”.

b. List of clinics/hospitals
1) Same procedure as above from 1) to 7)
2) Click “The city individual vaccination (child) cooperation medical clinic list (FY 2016)

c. Fuchu Immunization Navigator (for news deliveries and schedule maintenance) http://fuchu.city-hc.jp/

2. Koganei City
a. Immunization at Koganei City NOTES  PDF A
b. List of clinics/hospitals (Japanese only) PDF (1)
c. Immunization Schedule (Japanese only) PDF (2)

3. Other medical information sources
AMDA International Medical Information Center  03-5285-8088 http://bit.ly/2eutCld
Immunization schedule (in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese)

【CONTACT】 For inquiries on immunization, please contact below institutions.
Fuchu International Salon salon@fuchukokusai.gr.jp 042-352-4178
AMDA International Medical Information Center 03-5285-8088 (English, Chinese, Korean, Espanol, Thai, Portugues, Filipino)
For office hours, please check website: http://bit.ly/2eutCld

About Tuberculosis

東京動画 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Oficial Video Channnel
That prolonged cough might be caused by tuberculosis from 1-1 to 4-5

Legal Procedures

Residency Management System, Residence Card, Renewing your period of stay, various procedures to be completed at local municipal offices, temporary departure from and re-entry into Japan, permission to engage in activities not specified in your status of residence (part-time jobs) etc.