Internal Procedure & Documents / Forms

Admission (samples with filling instructions in English)・アドミッション

Enrollment Procedures 【入学手続きについて】
Form-1: Academic Fee Payment Verification Form 【学納金納入確認書】
Form-2: Pledge 【誓約書】
Form-3: Student Card 【学生カード】
Form 4: Student Photo Submission Form 【学生証用写真票台紙】

Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT Scholarship) 国費奨学金

MEXT/Monbukagakusho Scholarships for 2016(Research Students)

Transfer / Re-application Forms (samples with filling instructions in English) 申請様式記入方法

①Application for Leave of Absence 【@休学願】
②Application for Reinstatement 【A復学願】
BApplication for Permission to Transfer 【B転学許可願】
④Application for Withdrawal 【C退学願】
⑤Application for Enrollment(as a Research Student) 【D研究生入学願】
⑥Application for Extension of Research Period 【E研究期間延長願】
⑦Application for Withdrawal (as a Research Student) 【F研究生退学願】
⑧Application for Enrollment as a Post-Doctoral Researcher 【G博士特別研究生入学願】
⑨Application for Withdrawal(as a Post-Doctoral Researcher) 【H博士特別研究生退学願】
⑩Application for Enrollment as a non-Degree Student 【I科目等履修生入学願】
⑪Application for Course Additions / Enrollment Extension for Non-Degree Students
⑫Application for Re-admission 【K再入学願】
⑬Application for Transfer Entry Admission 【L転入学願】
⑭Application for Mid-Course Entry Admission 【M編入学願】
⑮-1 Application for Transfer of Graduate School 【N-1 転学府・転研究科願】
⑮-2 Application for Transfer of Graduate Department 【N-2 転専攻願】
⑮-3 Application for Transfer of Undergraduate Faculty 【N-3 転学部願】
⑮-4 Application for Transfer of Undergraduate Department 【N-4 転学科願】
⑯Application for Permission to Receive Research Guidance from Other Graduate Schools and Institutions
PApplication for Admission (for Special Auditing Student) 【P特別聴講学生願】
QApplication for Admission (for Special Research Student) 【Q特別研究学生入学願】

Periodic Health Examination 健康診断


Tuition waiver 授業料免除

For the following documents, please contact the International Affairs Office at kokusai◎ (Please replace ◎ by @):
・Family Situation Report
・Part-time Job Certificate
・Certicate of Expected Wages
・Enrollment Status Certificate
・Certificate of Retirement
・Certificate of Non-Employment
・Certificate of Long-term Health Care
・Record of Living Conditions

Certificate Issuing System 諸証明書交付

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Housing 宿舎・住居関連

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