Courtesy Visit by Prof. Jin Hyun-O from Kyung Hee University

July 7, 2016 - A delegation led by Prof. Jin Hyun-O, from the College of Life Science at Kyung Hee University (Korea), visited TUAT vice-presidents Dr. Tsutsumi (public relations and international affairs) and Dr. Kunimi (educational affairs).

TUAT and KHU have been exchanging researchers and students for international collaborative research, mainly under TUAT Institute of Agriculture. This courtesy visit happened in the occasion of the “Kyung Hee University Overseas Major Training Programme” under which TUAT is hosting 27 students from KHU for a short-term program.

In addition to TUAT vice-presidents, Prof. Ryo Funada and Assoc. Prof. Mitsunori Tarao - both from the Institute of Agriculture and well experienced in international collaborative research - were also present and exchanged opinions with KHU representatives on how to further activate student exchange between both universities. After the meeting, Dr. Kunimi addressed KHU students and they all took a commemorative picture for the record.