Overseas Field Training・Internship
Nov 26th~Dec 7th, 2013 Atsushi Yagioka The internship in International Crop Research institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT)
Satomi Tabata [Internship]Study on water management and quality in paddy field at IRRI
Nov 25th~29th, 2013 Magatt Thiam [Field Training]Field Investigation of Groundwater Quality in Bangkok
Sep 23rd~Oct 6th, 2013 Emi Nagata [Field Training]The research in Ghana ~Salmonella in wild reptiles and the condition of livestock farming~
Aug 15th~19th, 2013 Mizuki Hasegawa [Field Training]Studies for the source of infection of Salmonella in Thailand
Aug 31th~Nov 1st, 2013 Omari Richard Ansong [Internship]International Cooperation in an Environmental Sector by NGO
Aug 11th~24th, 2013 Nina Vladimirovna Sviridova [Field Training]Forest wildlife conservation: terrestrial mammals biodiversity preservation and mathematical challenges
Aug 9th~Sep 12th, 2013 POYA Ghulam Hussain [Internship]Environmental education and capacity building
May 27th~May 29th, 2013 (Kyoto)
Aug 6th~Aug 19th,2013 (Thailand)
Rina Yamamura [Internship]Management system of CO2 and H2O flux measurement in Kiryu (Japan), KogMa and MaeMo (Thailand) experimental forest
March 28 – June 4, 2013 Ying Chun Habura [Internship] Volunteer Work for Healthy and Sustainable Environment
13th, 16th and 24th, December 2013 Post-Field Reporting Seminar and Case Study Workshop
July 28th~Aug 10th, 2013 Tang Si Hiep [Field Training]Study about Greenhouse gases emission from Phuket Sewage Treatment Plant in Thailand
Sep 1st~Sep 10th, 2013 Junki Hosoda [Field Training]Pellet sampling for monitoring of persistent organic pollutants in Mozambican coast
Aug 1st~Aug 19th, 2013 Nguyen Dinh Giang Nam [Field Training]Groundwater Quality Assessment and Its Suitability for Domestic and Agriculture Uses in Coastal Zone of Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Oct 29th~Nov 15th, 2013 Mishyna Maryia [Field Training]Implementation Australian Weeds Strategy (AWS) in New South Wales, Australia
Aug 4th~Aug 28th, 2013 Mardani Korrani HOSSEIN [Field Training]Overseas Field Training in Russia: Screening of Caucasian Plants for Allelopathic Activity
July 28th~Aug. 15th, 2013 FOLENS office organized overseas field training in Thailand
26th June 2013 Post-Field Reporting Seminar and Case Study Workshop
30th January and 27th February 2013 Post-Field Reporting Seminar and Case Study Workshop
13th and 20th December 2012 Post-Field Reporting Seminar and Case Study Workshop
26 Nov - 10 Dec, 2012 Rimi Tono [Field Training]Examining rural development through multipurpose uses of coconut in West Kalimantan, Indonesia(英語)
13th - 20th Oct, 2012 Mitsutoshi Fuke [Field Training]Current situation of cultivation methodologies for horticultural crops in rainy season between Mekong delta and Bach Ma National Park focused on the balance of advanced agricultural technologies and environmental
7 Sep - 26 Sep, 2012 Rina Kurumisawa [Internship]International Cooperation in an Environmental Sector by NGO
9, Sep., 2012 - 9, Oct., 2012 Katsura Tsukano [Field Training]Biological interaction of plants in Agroforestry system in Tomé-Açu
3 Sep - 16 Oct , 2012 Chihiro Abe [Internship] Vietnam today, with experience of The Vietnam War
9, Sep, 2012 - 1, Oct, 2012 Vo Thi Minh Tam [Field Training]Survey on microbial water quality and prevalence of diarrheal pathogens of surface water in the Mekong delta, Vietnam
3rd - 16th Sep, 2012 MU DAN HOU [Field Training]Study on surface water quality in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam
3rd Sep – 10th Oct, 2012 Hiromitsu MORIYAMA [Field Training]Dairy Industry impacts on economy and environment in Vietnam
3rd - 16th Sep, 2012 WANG Jigemude [Field Training]Suspended Sediment Transport in Mekong River
3 Sep. - 16 Sep., 2012 Co Thi Kinh [Field Training]Impact of domestic and industrial waste management on water environment in The Mekong River Delta, Vietnam
3-16 September 2012 Overseas field training FOLENS office organized: In Can Tho University Vietnam
1–10 September 2012 Maki Ito [Field Training]Sediment core sampling in South Arica
16-24 August 2012 Pyone Win Win [Internship]National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan: Study on a model test about the stability of slopes against rainfalls
12th-26th, Aug., 2012 Shogo Shimada [Field Training]The environmental impacts and the future of industrial crop production in Ghana
8 August - 6 September 2012 Piyanuch Jaikaew [Field Training]Investigation of herbicide usage and consequent contamination in upland soil and surface water in Petchaburi Province of Thailand
6 Aug. - 26 Sep., 2012 Vladimir JOLLIBEKOV [Field Training]Water quality impacts to agriculture products, Case study in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan(英語)
4th, Aug., 2012 – 12th, Aug., 2012 Masahiro Yamamoto [Field Training]Research of residual pesticide in soil and evaluation of the risk in agricultural area
4th, Aug., 2012 – 12th, Aug., 2012 Keisuke Yamada [Field Training]Studying of Bio-ethanol application in Thailand -Investigation of environmental pollution by Bio-ethanol production plant- (英語)
4th-12th, Aug., 2012 Genki Muto [Field Training]Studying of Bio-ethanol application in Thailand -Investigation of environmental pollution by Bio-ethanol production plant- (英語)
Summer 2012 Overseas Field Training with the research supervisors
Duration: July 31 - August 21, 2012 Yeo Bee Geok [Internship]Marine debris and conservation: Raising awareness and education in urban and rural communities in Queensland, Australia
25 June – 3 August 2012 Masao Gen [Field Training]Assembly of a particle collection system with high mobility to understand atmospheric particles in Malaysia
May 14 - July 10, 2012 Aung Zaw Oo [Internship]Bridge Asia Japan in Maungdaw Myanmar: International cooperation project by NGO
14 February to 13 May 2012 Kazuhiro AOI [Internship]Bach Ma National Park and Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry: The strategy of saving farming resources in rice cultivation in small-scale (Central Vietnam) and large-scale field (Mekong Delta)
11 June 2012 Post-Field Reporting Seminar and Case Study Workshop
21 December 2011 Post-Field Reporting Seminar and Case Study Workshop
11October - 11November 2011: Nobuaki Hanata [Internship] Report on an internship with IDEA Consultants, Inc
7 Sept - 1 Oct 2011: Antonio Manuel dos Santos Junior [Field Training]Environmental impacts of livestock activity and mitigation options: a case study of Umbeluzi region, Maputo province, southern Mozambique
5 September-10 October 2011: Bui Xuan Dung [Field Training]Developing a monitoring station for runoff in northern catchment of Vietnam
5 September-18 September 2011: Rola Mahmoud [Field Training]:Energy consumption and awareness of energy problems in Ghana
5 September-18 September 2011: Yuya Miyazaki [Field Training]:Energy consumption and awareness of energy problems in Ghana
5 September-18 September 2011: Yuta Numajiri [Field Training]The conditions in a Ghanaian rural area
5 September-18 September 2011: Xiao ZHIQIU [Field Training]An environmental investigation in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana:
Soil erosion
5 September-18 September 2011: Tomoko Makita [Field Training]Research on water quality and water problems in Ghana
27 August-4 September 2011: Miu Kamimura [Field Training]Investigation of the bacteria limiting green house gases emission in the rice paddy in Thailand
27 August-4 September 2011:

Ryo Higuchi

[Field Training]Anammox bacteria in the sediment of Chao Phraya River and Pasak River
23 August-23 November 2011: Cattleya Chutteang [Internship] U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service: The effects of ozone on the biochemical responses of soybeans
23 August-23 November 2011: Sooyoun Nam [Internship] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ORD, Ecosystem Research Division/ American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
23 August-23 November 2011: Prathomrak NA-NGERN [Internship] U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service –A Study of Air Pollution and Crop Physiology
Summer 2011: Overseas Field Training in Ghana, Thailand, Vietnam and Mozambique during the Summer in 2011
25 May 2011: Post Field Reporting Seminar
April 25th~Nov 11th, 2011 Govinda Narayan Timilsina [Internship]Dairy Internship at Paradise Gardens and Farmt (英語)
21 February-28 March 2011: Tungsomkid Jameekorn [Field Training]Agriculture and environmental management in Thailand
16 February – 2 March 2011: Ei Ei Theint [Field Training]Eco-balance analysis on rice cultivation systems related with environmental impacts and farm income
16 February – 2 March 2011: Bessy Kho Sze Ee [Field Training]Evaluation of sediment and carbon losses associated with soil surface erosion
27 October – 5 November 2010: Li Sen [Field Training]The investigation of treatment technology of soil pollution and efficiency usage technology of energy in China
4 October 2010: Post Field Reporting Seminar
26 September-12 October 2010: Rinawati [Field Training]Sources identification of sedimentary and atmospheric PAHs in Jakarta, Indonesia
25 August– 25 September 2010: Pham Anh Thi Quynh [Field Training]Evaluation of sediment and carbonlosses associated with soil surface erosion
25 August – 4 September 2010: Gong Shaofeng [Field Training]Waste and energy management in Malaysian indusry
25 August – 4 September 2010: Zhao Long [Field Training]The recycle using of waste, energyand innovation in Malaysia plants
25 August – 4 September 2010: Riya Shohei [Field Training]The waste and energy managementin Malayisa industry
17-25 August 2010: Kondo Kei [Field Training]An exercise of modeling and monitoring for pesticide fate and transport under the tropical meteorological condition in Taiwan
25 August – 4 September 2010: Pheng Sokline [Field Training]Investigation on soil Erosion at irrigation facilities and mechanical properties of soil sample in Cambodia
4 August 2010: Pre-study Session for Green Technology Overseas Practice
11-24 July 2010: Shimada Kojiro [Field Training]Observation of forest fire, peatburning and transported from Southeast Asia and fossil fuel
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