Overseas Field Training:Current situation of cultivation methodologies for horticultural crops in rainy season between Mekong delta and Bach Ma National Park focused on the balance of advanced agricultural technologies and environmental

Mitsutoshi Fuke
Department of Biological Production Science, United Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Destination and Period: Can Tho and Hue, Vietnam, From 13th October to 20th October in 2012

The feature of organic farming in Bach Ma National Park (BMNP) , Hue is safe and healthy agroforestory for human life and also environmental-friendly production. However, the organic farming is low production efficiency and income from organic farming and moreover, they have no work in rainy season because of heavy rain. The objective of this field training is to understand the cultivation methodology and technologies of horticultural crops in rainy season in Vietnam in order to offer an information to the residents in BMNP through the field observations in Mekong Delta (MD), Can Tho as a guide, where is the most famous for agri-production in Vietnam. The cultivation technologies of horticultural crops in MD did not seem different from those in BNMP. The methodology of cultivation was only quite different from those in BNMP because of environmental condition and cultivation scale. The common issues on cultivation in MD were the cost of chemical fertilizer and damage to products by pest and disease. The technology of making the "Rice husk charcoal" and "Bokashi-Tan" on BNMP Project attracted an interest by professors and students in Can Tho University. Because there was enough materials for making charcoal in MD and this technology would contribute to the cost reduction of the chemical fertilizer purchase. As a conclusion, it could not be observed something to offer the information of cultivation technologies of horticultural crops in rainy season to the farmers in BNMP on this field training. However, making ‘Rice husk charcoal’ and ‘Bokashi-Tan’ were comprehended one of the mutual technologies. As the solution to increase the productions in rainy season, making organization and the appropriate spray of pesticide would be needed if they want to increase the products and income from organic farming in rainy season.

Key words: Rainy season, Cultivation methodology and technologychnique, Horticultural crops, Rice husk Charcoal, Bokashi-Tan

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