FOLENS Seminar
17th and 18th October 2013 FOLENS Seminar Field Trip to Fujisan
9th and 10th December 2013 Protection of Toki and Biodiversity and Agriculture in Sado Island
6 December 2013 FOLENS Seminar December 2013: Introduction to FOLENS Seminar – Reflection on 2012 and Planning for 2013
October 22 2013 Visit to Seseragi Farm (Organic Farming Team Activity)
July 12 2013 Thailand oversea training Presentation
15.16 June 2013 Field Trip to Fujieda – a Rural Community
26 June 2013 Presentation of Team Activity Proposal
13 May 2013 Introduction to FOLENS Seminar – Reflection on 2012 and Planning for 2013
22 March 2013 Sustainable Agriculture – Visit to Fujino Permaculture Center Japan (PCCJ)
28 Feb - 1 Mar 2013 Kitakyushu Eco-Town and Environmental Museum Seminar
15 January 2013 Life and Agriculture after Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – Follow-up Lecture and Discussion
17-18 December 2012 Fukushima Visit – Life and Agriculture after Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
March - December 2012 FOLENS Farm Activities – Sustainable Community Development and Urban Agriculture
19 November 2012 "Life and Agriculture after Tohoku Earthquake and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster"
11-12 October 2012 "Field Trip to Kurobe"
17 July 2012 "Nature, agriculture and human impacts in Mekong delta"
16-17 June 2012 Field Trip to Fujieda
16 May 2012 Reflection on 2011 and Planning for 2012
7-9 March 2012 Introduction to Disaster Education – Field Visits and Volunteer Activities in the Afflicted Areas of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
11 January 2012 Sustainable Energy Strategies – Follow-up for Iida/Ina Field Trip: Reflection, Presentation, and Discussion
5-6 December 2011 Sustainable Energy Strategies: Challenges of local communities for local energy generation for local consumption –Visit to Iida and Ina Cities, Nagano Prefecture (The 3rd FOLENS International Symposium Excursion)
16 November 2011 Pre-lecture for the Field Trip “Sustainable Energy Strategies”—Energy Shit from Local Communities
28-29 October 2011 The September FOLENS Seminar:Kamikochi/ Matsumoto Field Trip – Nature, History, Tourism, Agriculture, and Research
28 September 2011 Fresh reports on volunteer work and Ghana
20 July 2011 Traditional and modern Ghana: Agriculture, society and the environment
18-19 June 2011 Field trip to a Fujieda organic farm, Shizuoka
18 May 2011 3.11 and Us
28 April 2011 What is FOLENS? Reflection on 2010 and Planning for 2011
22-23 February 2011 Solid Waste Management – Visit to Waste Treatment Complex & Environmental Data Analysis Facility
26 January 2011 Follow-up for Charcoal and Satoyama Workshop and Preparation for Waste Management Field Trip
6 December 2010 Charcoal and Satoyama for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment (FOLENS International Symposium Excursion)
19 Novermber 2010 Follow-up for COP10-CBD in October/ Preparation for Charcoal & Satoyama Workshop in December
17-19 October Visiting CBD-COP10 in Nagoya
30 September 2010 Pre-briefing for visit to CBD-COP10
10 August 2010 What is Biodiversity? What is COP10? What is the Role of a Youth Leader?
28 July 2010 Visit to Field Museum Tamakyuryo - Working out What the “Environment,” “Science,” and “Field” Mean to Us
9 June 2010 What is FOLENS?/ What should we do in FOLENS Seminars 2010?
FOLENS Seminar: Related Activities
21st, May, 2012 21st, May, 2012: Observing The Annular Eclipse
10 October 2010 Autumn Harvest 2010 in Fujieda, Shizuoka (9 October 2010)
12-13 June 2010 IEAS Fujieda Field Trip: Challenge of the organic, pesticide-free, small-scale farmers for the sustainable environment and livelihood
15 June 2010 Reports by Students Participated in "ITTO/ IUCN/ JICA Symposium - Biodiversity Conservation in Human Influenced Areas"
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