October 20, 2022

Prof. Shimizu gave a talk about topological constraints in a computational anatomy model at a seminer of ESIEE Paris - Université Gustave Eiffel, and discussed extention of the contract of scholarly exchange and collaboration with ESIEE Paris - Université Gustave Eiffel.

October 9, 2022

Prof. Shimizu gave a presentation “Deep learning and computer-aided diagnosis” in the 50th Autumn Scientific Congress of the JSRT at Tokyo.

October 3, 2022​

A paper of Attention Induction for a CT volume classification of COVID-19 appeared in the IJCARS.

September 11, 2022

Mr. Kojima (M1) presented “Deep learning based computer-aided diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis using MRI image” at the 32nd annual meeting of the Japan spondyloarthritis society@Kagoshima

July 29-31, 2022

  • Mr. Chikaarashi (M1) presented “Statistical shape model of multiple neighboring organs of embryonic human brains” at JAMIT@Nagoya.

  • Mr. Fujimoto (M1) presented “Post-market training of a hot-spot detection system of malignant tumor in a bone scintigram” at JAMIT@Nagoya.

  • Prof. Shimizu was awarded a distinguished service award of JAMIT.

June 10, 2022

Two French researchers (Dr.Quentrec, Dr. Kenmochi) visited our lab. and a digital topology seminor was held.

  • Etienne Le Quentrec Locally Turn-Bounded Curves and Digital Topology
  • Yukiko Kenmochi Pixelwise shape deformations preserving digital convexity

June 8, 2022

Prof. Shimizu presented a computational anatomy model of a human embryo at DTMM4MIA workshop in conjunction with CARS2022@Toranomon Hills (Tokyo).

June 7, 2022

Mr. Samarth Bhardwaj (M2) presented a novel super-resolution technique at CARS2022@Toranomon Hills (Tokyo).

Jan 26-27, 2022

  • Mr. Tanabe (M2) presented “Statistical shape model of embryonic human brains using admissible SDF variation” at IEICE-MI@online

  • Mr. Masuko(M2) presented “Statistical intensity model of vessels in a thoracic CT volume using flow-based generative network” at IEICE-MI@online

  • Mr. Haruishi (M2) presented “Lung and pleural effusion segmentation of a thoracic CT volume” at IEICE-MI@online

  • Mr. Tanaka (M2) presented “Deep learning based large scale skin disease classification” at IEICE-MI@online

  • Mr. Hara(M2) presented “Effectiveness of whole image processing in hot-spot detection” at IEICE-MI@online