High-performance computers are highly required for analyzing high dimensional medical images. Our laboratory has a plenty of computers with large memories, powerful CPUs and/or GPUs. Students can use desktop computers provided from our lab as well as server machines for large scale computation.

Personal Computer

The students in our laboratory are provided with powerful computers. The supplied computer can be used freely by one student and can perform various experiments at any time.
Here are some of the personal computers.


In order to satisfy the greed that even personal computers seem to be unsatisfactory, we have a computer server. If you use a server, you can experiment more powerful than a personal computer.
Here we introduce all the servers owned by our laboratory.

GPU Server

CPU Server

File Server

Software environment

OS and software mainly used in our lab can be found below

  • OS: Windows, Ubuntu

  • Language: Visual C++, Matlab, Python etc.

  • Library: Tensorflow, Pytorch, Chainer, Eigen, MIST, nalib, saitool

  • else: Docker