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SSRN Top Ten download paper May 2023

“力”を既知とする新しい流体科学 [特集記事]

渡部裕也,釜本恭多,Yee Jingzu,小林和也,田川義之
高粘度液体吐出装置における吐出安定性 [特集記事]


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五十嵐大地,宮崎優太,鵜澤雅,河合脩真,YEE Jingzu,武藤真和,関口翔斗,田川義之,
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流れ, 2022年2月号.


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Picked up by Physics Today Blog and MIT Technology review

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2012 & BEFORE

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Open AccessLinkIcon
Selected to be in the New Journal of Physics (NJP) Highlights of 2012 collection, which brings together some of the very best research published in NJP in 2012.

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