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The academic field of study that aims at systematization of ways which deals with not only thinking about chemical reaction processes but also physical reaction process such as flow and mixing of fluid, heat and materials transportation, is referred to as reactive fluid dynamics or reacting flow. Reacting flow can be divided into two categories; one is gas-phase reacting flow and the other is liquid-phase one. The reports of liquid-phase reacting flow is smaller than that of gas-phase reacting flow. The liquid-phase reacting flow is called Chemo-hydrodynamics in Europe and it is a very new field of study that is in 2009 the international meeting was held for the first time on this. Prof. Nagatsu has reported the phenomena called viscous fingering(VF) and controlling flow involving viscosity decrease due to a chemical reaction the first time in the world.


Master 2nd Yuka DEKI
Master 2nd Souta NOGUCHI
Master 1st Oji ISHIHARA
Master 1st Masaya OKABAYASHI
Master 1st Fumiya KOBAYASHI
Master 1st Haruki MORIGA
Bachelor 4th Mr. Finger, character of our lab.
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Anne De Wit Nonlinear Physical Chemistry Unit, Service de Chimie Physique et Biologie Théorique
Takahiko Ban Division of Chemical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering Science, Graduate school of Engineering Science, Osaka University
Manoranjan Mishra Dynamics Research Lab, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
Ching-Yao (Ken) Chen Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
Jun Iijima Department of Medicine, School of Medicine, Nihon University
Tetsuya Suekane Departiment of Energy Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Yuichiro Nagatsu, Ph.D
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,
2-24-16 Naka-cho, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8588, Japan
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