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The academic field of study that aims at systematization of ways which deals with not only thinking about chemical reaction processes but also physical reaction process such as flow and mixing of fluid, heat and materials transportation, is referred to as reactive fluid dynamics or reacting flow. Reacting flow can be divided into two categories; one is gas-phase reacting flow and the other is liquid-phase one. The reports of liquid-phase reacting flow is smaller than that of gas-phase reacting flow. The liquid-phase reacting flow is called Chemo-hydrodynamics in Europe and it is a very new field of study that is in 2009 the international meeting was held for the first time on this. Prof. Nagatsu has reported the phenomena called viscous fingering(VF) and controlling flow involving viscosity decrease due to a chemical reaction the first time in the world.

One year event in Nagatsu Lab.

March :New members enrollment started. Seniors teach us about how to use instruments and their experiments.

April : We start to discuss each theme for new research projects and ways to conduct experiments.
We have seminar every, where we have to present about our project status by each turn per three week.

May : Undergraduate 4th grade students start to prepare for graduate school entrance exams or job hunting.

June : We conduct experiments, conduct experiments, eat experiments, dreaming about experiments and take rests, have presentation....

August : Undergraduate 4th grade students taking examination for graduate school entrance.
We are in summer vacation!!!

September : The second semester starts. And we have campus festival at Engineering Campus.

October : Undergraduate 4th grade students have midterm presentation for graduate thesis.

November : We have campus festival at Aguriculture Campus. Undergraduate 3rd grade students come to visit our Lab.

December : It is getting cold.

January : Happy new year!!!

Februay : We have final presentation for graduate thesis for B4 and M2, also midterm presentation for M1.

*We sometimes have party (e.g. welcome party, end of year party and etc).

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