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"The formation kinetics of solids during chemical reactions and/or drying" is the key in our researches.

What's New!

2. Oct, 2020
Research Paper in Drying Technology
"How do drying methods affect quality of films? Drying of polymer solutions under hot-air flow or infrared heating with comparable evaporation rates"
by T. Kinnan, Y. Kondo, M. Aoki and S. Inasawa

13. August, 2020
Research Paper in Soft Matter
"Evaporation kinetics of continuous water and dispersed oil droplets"
by K. Hasegawa and S. Inasawa

14. July, 2020
Research Paper in Journal of Crystal Growth
"Formation of boron-doped silicon wires and control of dopant concentrtaion using zinc, SiCl4 and BCl3"
by R. Taniguchi and S. Inasawa

21. April, 2020
Research Paper in RSC Advances
free access
"Drying-induced back flow of colloidal suspensions confined in thin unidirectional drying cells"
by K. Inoue and S. Inasawa

2. April, 2020
New members have joined.

14. Jan., 2020
Research Paper in RSC Advances
free access
"Positive and negative birefringence in packed films of binary spherical colloidal particles"
by K. Inoue and S. Inasawa

13. May, 2019
Research Paper in Journal of Crystal Growth
free link by 6 July, 2019
"Experimental and numerical approaches on the effect of gas flow on the formation of tens-square-cm-scale mat of silicon nanowires from SiCl4 and zinc vapor"
by S. Inasawa and K. Inoue

25. Apr., 2019
Research Paper in Soft Matter
"Flow of condensed particles around a packing front visualized by drying colloidal suspensions on a tiltied substrate"
by T. Mizuguchi and S. Inasawa

1. Apr., 2019
Three undergraduate students have joined to our Lab.

5. Mar., 2019
Research Paper in Drying Technology
"Packing structures of colloidal silica particles formed by drying condensed suspensions"
by H. Miyazaki, K. Abe and S. Inasawa
Free eprints (limited-number only)

28. Nov., 2018
Research Paper in Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
"Packing structures and formation of cracks in particulate films obtained by drying colloid–polymer suspensions"
by S. Koga and S. Inasawa

12. Oct., 2018
Research Paper in Journal of Crystal Growth.
"Formation of thicker silicon wires on a sufficiently cooled substrate during the gas phase zinc reduction reaction of SiCl4"
by N. Shirane and S. Inasawa

2. April, 2018
Three undergraduates have joined in our lab.

23. Feb, 2018
Research Paper in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.
"Quantitative study of enhanced drying flux from a narrow liquid-air interface of colloidal suspensions during directional drying"
by K. Abe and S. Inasawa.

14. Nov, 2017
Research Paper in Soft Matter.
"Drying kinetics of water droplets stabilized by surfactant molecules or solid particles in a thin non-volatile oil layer"
by H. Miyazaki and S. Inasawa.

11. Aug, 2017
Research Paper in Soft Matter.
"Kinetics in Directional drying of water that contain deformable non-volatile oil droplets"
by K. Hasegawa and S. Inasawa.

9. Aug, 2017
Yusuke Hori, Awarded by Society of Chemical Engineering Japan. more details (in Japanese)

18. May, 2017
9th Asia Coating Workshop at Koganei Campus, TUAT, has been successfully completed.more details

13. April, 2017
Research Paper in CrystEngComm
"Cross-sectional analysis of the core of silicon microparticles formed via zinc reduction of SiCl4"
by S. Inasawa, Y. Ono, T. Mizuguchi, A. Sunairi, S. Nakamura, Y. Tsuji and Y. Yamaguchi

1. April, 2017
Three undergraduates have joined to our lab.

7. Feb., 2017
New website for 9th Asia Coating Workshop (ACW2017)
click here

8. Sep. 2016
Research Paper in Powder Thechnology
"Liquid penetration as a simple detection method for structural differences in particulate films prepared from slurries"
by H. Miyazaki, Y. Nomura, H. Sugai, M. iijima, S. Inasawa and H. Kamiya

23. Aug. 2016
Research Paper in Soft Matter
"Surface freezing and surface coverage as key factors for spontaneous formation of colloidal fibers in vacuum drying of colloidal suspensions"
by S. Inasawa, T. Katayama and Y. Yamaguchi

10. Aug. 2016
Research Paper in Soft Matter
"Formation kinetics of particulate films in directional drying of a colloidal suspension"
by S. Inasawa, Y. Oshimi and H. Kamiya

Three new undergraduates and 6 new graduate students have joined our lab.

Aug. 25, 2015
Free link for publication in Chemical Engineering Science.
"Measurement and Kinetic Modeling on Photoluminescence Stability from "Trenched" Silicon Microparticles under Continuous Excitation" by S. Inasawa & Y. Yamaguchi
(until Oct. 14, 2015)

July 31, 2015
Relaunch lab website.

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