What is Sakurai Lab?

Sakurai Lab specializes in microreactor and catalyst at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

We study with the aim of building a society that can coexist nature and people.

Specifically, we study the following topics.

  • Fuel Cell Reformer:Studies on steam reforming of methane or ethanol for supplying hydrogen to a fuel cell
  • Ozone Water:Studies on ozone water production which is used at the sterilization of the public health sector
  • Ammonia:Studies on the decomposition of ammonia as bad smell or the production of ammonia as hydrogen carrier and fertilizer
  • Microreactor:Studies to develop a high efficiency reactor conducting a chemical reaction in a very small reaction field
  • Periodic Operation:Studies aiming to establish operation system highly efficient by periodically changing the state in the reactor

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◎ Laboratory introduction for high school students is here. (Japanese)

For applicants of our laboratory

If you want to talk, please contact following.

Associate Professor Dr. SAKURAI Makoto


     Please type @ instead of (a).


2019/10/16M2 Tanaka gave a poster presentation at CSJ Chemistry Festa 2019. New!
2019/9/30B4 graduation thesis mid-term presentation was held. New!
2019/9/25M2 Tateno gave a poster presentation at APCChE 2019 and received Excellent Poster Award!Congratulations! (Result) New!
2019/9/24D2 Sasaki gave a poster presentation at APCChE 2019. New!
2019/9/23D2 Sasaki's team participated in the Student Program at APCChE 2019 and received the Impact Award! (Result) New!
2019/9/1618th Process design contest for student was held、B4 from our laboratory participated. (Result) New!
2019/8/15・16Entrance exam of division of applied chemistry, graduate school of engineering,
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology was held.
2019/5/28Joint seminar with Fushimi laboratory was held. 2 people from our laboratory presented、and discussions from different perspectives were actively done.
2019/4/1 New school year started、3 new B4 students joined the laboratory.
2013/7 This website was renewed.
2013/6/27 We held the international dinner party.
2013/4/15 We held the new school year party.
2013/4/1 New school year started.