We are promoting research and education of all aspects of Mechanical Engineering based on mathematics, physics and vast principles of engineering, so as to develop humans who create "Unique and Best" hyper machines that harmonize with nature and surpass states of the art.


Research Theme

Mobility / Energy

Automobiles / Railway Vehicles
Intelligent Transportation Systems / Active Vibration Control / Personal Mobility / Next-Generation High-Speed Railway Vehicles / Magnetic-Levitated Vehicles
Gas Turbines / Rockets / Flow Visualization / Turbulent Airflow Control / Next Generation Super High-speed Planes
Space Farming / Reusable Space Vehicle / Advanced Space Propulsion

Mobility / Energy

Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing Science
Next Generation Manufacturing Enovation / Servo Press / Ultra Precision Molding / Electric Discharge Machining / Forming Simulation / Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) / High-speed Machining
Lightweight Heat-resistant New Materials / Biological Materials / Compound Materials / High Tension Steel / Titanium, Magnesium, Alminum
3D Shape Measurement / Bio Measurement / Pressure Sensitive Coating / Near Field Optics / Visualization
Machine Tools
Performance Evaluation of Multi-Axis Machine Tool / Design of Motion Controller / Thermal Deformation Analysis of Machine Tool

Craft / Machining / Manufacture

Robotics / Nanomechanics

Micromachines / Micro Tribology / MEMS / Integration of Optics and -Nanomechanics / Optical Actuator
Caring Robots / Olfactory Sensing / Bio-mimetic Robots / Agriculture Robots / Humanoid Robots / Home Robots

Robotics / NanomechanicsRobotics / NanomechanicsRobotics / Nanomechanics

Mathematics / Language

Algebraic Geometry / Representations of Algebras / Group Theory / Singularities Analysis
Semiotics of Artifacts / Philosophy / Applied Linguistics / Computer Assisted Language Learning