Global Café – Global Extension Part I: Talk by FOLENS Students
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Presenter : Maybelline Yeo Bee Geok Presenter : Omari Richard Ansong

“Global Café”, opened this year in both Fuchu and Koganei Campus, is a space for TUAT students to promote international communication among them.  The Cafés are equipped with nice tables, chairs and a coffee server, for anyone to use anytime.

“Global Extension” is an event to promote active utilization of these Cafes, planned under collaboration among TUAT Educational Planning Office, Center for Higher Educational Development, and FOLENS.  For the first Global Extension, two FOLENS students were invited as speakers and introduced their home country.  Thirteen students and six staff members, interested in learning about different countries, participated in the session.

The first speaker was Ms. Maybelline Yeo Bee Geok, a Ph.D student who has just graduated from FOLENS in March.  Her presentation was full of colorful pictures to show daily life and cultural events throughout a year in Malaysia.  The second presenter, Mr. Omari Richard Ansong, a current FOLENS student, introduced the environment and life in Ghana, delivering the participants the excitement to learn about a place on the other side of the Earth.  Free discussion continued even after the scheduled time.

The second Global Extension session is now under preparation.  Your ideas are invited to make it more interesting for both domestic and international students!  Please contact FOLENS Office if you have any idea. (SN)

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