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In Asia and Africa, there are a myriad of environmental problems such as water contamination, air pollution, deforestation, soil depletion, ecosystem disturbance, and so on.  The FOLENS program offers a series of lectures in different disciplines of both natural and social sciences to foster a comprehensive understanding of such environmental issues.

Natural science lectures address both agricultural and technological domains to provide a comprehensive approach and divided into two categories.  Lectures in the Environmental Sciences category focus on the knowledge and skills for scientifically understanding environmental issues and managing the environment in a sustainable way.  Lectures in the Green Technologies category address the systems and technologies to be used for environmental reclamation and conservation and to promote environmentally friendly industries.

Social science lectures analyze the socio-economic status and background of environmental issues including a history of international cooperation in Asia and Africa as a basis for locally appropriate and feasible environmental measures.

With such a comprehensive set of lectures of different disciplines, FOLENS students will obtain a broad perspective and skill sets required for leaders able to appropriately understand the situation and to design effective environmental policies.

List of FOLENS Lectures/ Syllabus

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Subject Category Subject Title Term Dept in charge** Teaching Staff Credits Code
Sustainable Society
& the Environment
Environment and Sustainable Society in Asia and Africa (Advanced Lecture on International Environmental and Agricultural Science II)* 2nd/Intensive MI IEAS Faculty, Ninomiya-Lim, Yoneda, Ozaki 2 9106
International Development and Cooperation 2nd MI Takeuchi 2 9134
Rural Development Policy 1st MI Toyoda 2 059133
International Cooperation on Sustainable Agriculture 2nd MI Yamada 2 059132
Population Sociology 2nd MI IEAS Faculty   9131
Business Creation and Management for Environmental Industries
(Special Lecture on Analysis Science IV)
2nd AC Kameyama, Ohara,
Guest Lecturers
2 1080230
Symbiotic Education 1st MS Furihata 2 052130
Presentation Skill Training 2nd/Intensive FOLENS TUAT and E&R Base faculties 0.5  
Special Lecture for Leaders in Environmental Sectors in Asia and Africa TBD FOLENS - 0.5  
Environmental Sciences Water Environment Global Environment 1st MI Kawabata 2 059103
Environmental Water Use & Conservation 1st MI Kato 2 059113
Aquatic Environmental Assessment 2nd MI Watanabe,H 2 059114
Environmental Chemistry of Marine Plastics(Special Lectures on Enviromental Chemistry Ⅱ) 1st MK Takada 0.5 056437
Marine Environment (Special Lectures on Environmental Biology IV)* 2nd MK Ohji 0.5 6419
Soil Environment Terrestrial Environment (Special Lectures on Environmental Chemistry I)* Not offered in 2013 MK Yoh 0.5 056436
Utilization of Sustainable Biological Resources 1st MI Kimura 2 059123
Advanced Soil and Water Conservation 2nd MT Saito 2 058122
Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation 2nd MI Kohgo 2 059112
Atmosphere and Forest Environment Effects of transboundary air pollutants on plants
(Special Lectures on Environmental Biology I)*
Not offered in 2013 MK Izuta 0.5 056116
Regional Environmental Conservation Planning 1st MI Gomi 2 059111
Bio-Environment Regional Sustainable Bio-Production Science 1st MI Fujii 2 059122
Ecosystem Management (Special Lectures on Environmental Biology II)* Not offered in 2013 MK Tarao 0.5 056117
Environmental toxicology on forest ecosystems
(Special Lectures on Environmental Chemistry IV)*
Not offered in 2013 MK Watanabe, I. 0.5 056439
Utilization of Regional Biological Functions 2nd MI IEAS Faculty 2 9121
Improvement of Biological Functions 2nd MI Tsujimura/Oikawa 2 059124  
Microorganisms in Earth Environments (Special Lectures on Environmental Biology III)* 1st MK Katayama 0.5 056418
Ecosystem Ecology
(Special Lectures on Environmental Chemistry III)*
1st MK Koba 0.5 056438
Information system Advanced Ecological Informatics 2nd/e-learning MT Sakai 2 8143
Precision Agro-conservation
(Special Lecture on Environmental and Agricultural Engineering I)*
1st (intensive) MT Ohtani 0.5 8105
Global Atmospheric Chemistry: Its Science and Philosophy 2nd FOLENS Hara 2  
Others Comprehensive Agricultural Science
(Comprehensive Agricultural Science II)
2nd/Intensive UGA TBD 1 26002
Presentation Skill Training (International Research Presentation I)* 2nd/Intensive MK Takada 0.5 n/a
Special Lecture on Environmental Sciences I TBD FOLENS - 0.5  
Special Lecture on Environmental Sciences II TBD FOLENS - 0.5  
Green Technologies Catalytic and Fine Particle Processing Engineering
(Advanced Chemical Energy Engineering Ⅱ)*
2nd/Intensive AC Kamiya, Qian,
2 1080223
Water/Wastewater Engineering
(Advanced Chemical Environmental Engineering Ⅱ)*
1st AC Hosomi, Terada 2 1080224
Advanced Green Technology
(Special Lecture on Analysis Science Ⅲ)*
First / Intensive AC Yoneda 2 1080229
Technical English
(Advanced Systems Chemical Engineering IV)*
2nd / Intensive AC Yoneda 2 1080226
Presentation Skill Training 2nd/Intensive FOLENS TUAT and E&R Base faculties 0.5 n/a
Special Lecture on Green Technologies TBD FOLENS - 0.5  
*Written in brackets are official titles used by Departments in charge.
**MI=International Environmental and Agricultural Sciences, MK=Environmental Science on Biosphere, MT=Environmental and Agricultural Engineering, AC=Applied Chemistry, UGA=United Graduate School of Agricultural Science
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