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The FOLENS program has its Education and Research Bases (E&R Bases) and Coordinator Offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Ghana, and China. The E&R Bases are operated with collaboration by partner universities. Their two main functions are to assist the implementation of Overseas Field Training and Internship and to conduct routine environmental monitoring for the accumulation of field-based information. The Coordinator Offices are also set up in the same countries. Their main responsibilities are to provide administrative assistance to an E&R base and to publicize FOLENS for recruiting prospective students and developing career paths for the graduates.

international network
Malaysia: University Putra Malaysia (UPM)
University Putra Malaysia1 University Putra Malaysia1

UPM was established in 1971 as University Pertanian Malaysia (meaning Malaysia Agricultural University) and is now known to be one of the distinguished universities in the country. The FOLENS E&R Base in Malaysia has been set up in its Faculty of Environmental Studies. Assoc. Prof. Mohamad Zakaria Pauzi, Coordinator of Center of Excellence for Environmental Forensics, leads the collaboration as a main organizer with assistance by Dr. Ahmad Zaharin Aris.

Site theme: Environmental (particularly, pollution) dynamics in the tropics

Thailand: Kasetsart University (KU)
Kasetsart University1 Kasetsart University2

KU was founded in 1943 as part of the evolution of agricultural education in Thailand. It is now one of the best multi-disciplinary universities in the country with the vision to become “the world’s leading research university in agriculture, food, technology and innovation”. The International Studies Center hosts the FOLENS E&R Base. Director of the Center, Assoc. Prof. Poonpipope Kasemsap acts as the main organizer with support by Vice President for Research of KU, Assoc. Prof. Samakkee Boonyawat. Dr. Tiwa Pakoktom and Dr. Piyapong Tongdeenok also contribute to the E&R Base activities.

Site Theme: Land-use and environment in the tropics

Vietnam: Can Tho University (CTU)
Can Tho University1 Can Tho University2

Founded in 1966, CTU is the premier university in the Mekong Delta, the largest agricultural production area in Vietnam. Its main missions are training, conducting scientific research, and transferring technology to serve the regional and national socio-economic development. The E&R Base is set up in the College of the Environment and Natural Resources and the main organizer is Assoc. Prof. Le Viet Dung, Vice Rector for International Relations. Cooperating faculty includes Dr. Nguyen Van Be, Dr. Nguyen Hieu Trung, Dr. Nguyen Huu Chiem, Dr. Nguyen Van Cong, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Giang Nam, and Ms. Huynh Vuong Thu Minh.

Site theme: Environment of the Mekong Delta

Ghana: University of Ghana (UG)
University of Ghana1 University of Ghana2

UG was established in 1948 as the University College of the Gold Coast, and following the nation’s independence, it was constituted as the University of Ghana in 1961. It is known as one of the most prestigious universities in Africa. The FOLENS E&R Base in Ghana is hosted by the School of Agriculture, College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences. Assoc. Prof. John Ofosu-Anim, Vice-Dean of the School, manages the Base as the main organizer, with assistance by Dr. Edward Benjamin Sabi.

Site theme: Soil and water conservation

China: Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES)
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences1 Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences2

CRAES was established in 1978 as a national non-profit research institute for environmental protection. In the environmental field, it plays a central role for education and research in China.  The department of soil pollution control hosts the FOLENS E&R Base. Deputy General Manager Li Fasheng leads the collaborative investigation as a main organaizer.

Site theme: Institutional design for soil contamination schemes Behavior of contaminants in the soil and groundwater

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