Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

 Research Project

◆Topic 1) Year-round cultivation with high yield
◆Topic 2) Advanced health management of plants
◆Topic 3) Enhanced quality fruits
◆Topic 4) Intelligence and labor saving

◆Topic 1) Year-round cultivation with high yield

  • Establishment of year-round cultivation technologies and halved fruiting cycle time
    This research seeks to clarify the optimum environments (e.g., light, temperature, Co2, nutrient, etc.) for promoting growth and while developing dormancy-breaking technologies and strategies.
  • Establish optimum environmental parameters to increase fruit yield
  • High yield varieties
    Other pursuits under topic 1 include the selection of high-yield varieties that are adaptable to factory production, the improvement of pollination methods, and enhancement of the fruiting percentage through suitable environmental control.

◆Topic 2) Advanced health management of plants

  • Establishment of advanced health management technology
    In order to maintain repeated tree use, this research seeks to develop real-time health monitoring technologies. Based on feedback from those technologies, it then engages in environment-friendly control of pests and diseases primarily through immunity improvement and application of biological pesticides.
  • Establishment of cultivation information management technology through using IC tags?
     Bringing together agricultural and industrial wisdom, Topics 2 and 4 works in tandem to develop systems for individual plant health and quality management.

◆Topic 3) Enhanced quality fruits

  • Enhanced quality fruit production
     Establishes technologies for production of fruit with desirable traits (i.e., large size, high sugar content, high anthocyanin content, and high oxidation effect). (antioxidant?)
  • Quality evaluation through minimally invasive methods
     Within this topic, technologies are developed for determining valuable properties (i.e. sugar content and degree of ripeness among other high value components) through minimally invasive means using near infrared spectrophotometers.

◆Topic 4) Intelligence and labor saving

  • Autonomous plants pots
     Research goals include the development of systems for the management and automatic transport of small trees based on accumulated cultivation and environmental data. It seeks to reinforce photosynthetic performance through optimum tree arrangement and to create the world’s first automatic diagnostic system for individual trees.
  • Harvesting robots
     Development of robots that automatically determine fruit characteristics and individually harvest high-quality fruits.