Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

 Founder Statements

Dr. Kazuhiro Chiba
 President of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

 The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, one of the oldest universities in Japan founded in 1874, has set its motto "Mission-Oriented Research and Education giving Synergy in Endeavors toward a Sustainable Earth ('MORE SENSE')" in agricultural and engineering sciences.
 Scientific advancement toward a sustainable society with the integrated endeavors of two practical research fields has been the University’s principal mission, and the APF research facility is dedicated to this end. We make every effort to disseminate APF’s accomplishments to the society.

Prof. Dr. Ryo Funada
 Dean, Institute of Agriculture


 Today the world is facing a variety of challenges including the environment, energy and food that may affect future survival of human race. With this backdrop Japan is still going through reconstruction and recovery from the Great Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, 2011. I believe the collective knowledge of universities, particularly in agriculture, will contribute to this process and to realizing a sustainable society.
 Our APF research facility was established by METI sponsorship to serve for agricultural recovery of Fukushima and the vicinities. We will expand its initial focus on blueberries to research and education functions for establishing a model urban fruit tree facility which may support the future of agriculture in Japan.

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