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  Authors   Title   Journal (Book)
Vol (Issue) Pages (Year)
  Y Tominaga   Ion-conductive polymer electrolytes based on poly(ethylene carbonate) and its derivatives   Polymer Journal (Focus Review)
49 (3) 291-299 (2017)  doi
  K. Kimura, Y. Tominaga*   A poly(ethylene carbonate)/lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide/titanium oxide composite electrolyte containing a pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid   ECS Transactions
66 (39) 15-20 (2015)  Open Access
  Y. Tominaga*, K. Yamazaki, V. Nanthana   Effect of anions on lithium ion conduction in poly(ethylene carbonate)-based polymer electrolytes   ECS Transactions
62 (1) 151-157 (2014)  Open Access
  K. Kimura, Y. Tominaga*   Utilization of Supercritical CO2 for Improvement of Ion-conductive Polymer Electrolytes   Supercritical Fluids: Fundamentals, Properties and Applications (Nova Science Publishers), 14, 355-366 (2014)
  Y. Tominaga   A new class of ion-conductive polymer electrolytes: CO2/epoxide alternating copolymers with Li salt   Synthesis and Applications of Copolymers
(Ed: A. Parthiban, John Wiley & Sons),
8 (12) 217-238 (2013)
  Y. Tominaga   Ionic conduction in solid polymer electrolytes using carbon dioxide as solvent   Kobunshi Ronbunshu (Comprehensive Paper)
65 (8) 525-535 (2008)  doi