List of Peer-Reviewed Papers (2020 - )




  No. Authors   Title   Journal
Vol (Issue) Pages
  108 S. Kato, N. Nishimura, H. Oike, Y. Tominaga*   TBD   In preparation
  107 K. Shikinaka*, H. Koike, Y. Tominaga*   Phase behavior, ionic conductivity, and current-voltage response of imogolite gel swelled in ionic liquid   In preparation
  106 K. Kobayashi, G. Pagot, K. Vezzù, F. Bertasi, V. Di Noto, Y. Tominaga*   Effect of plasticizer on ion-conductive and dielectric behavior of poly(ethylene carbonate)-based Li electrolytes   Under review
  105 H. Sotome, K. Shikinaka*, A. Tsukidate, Y. Tominaga*, M. Nakamura, Y. Otsuka   Polymer heatproofing mechanism of lignin extracted by simultaneous enzymatic saccharification and comminution   Polymer Degradation and Stability
In press   doi
  104 S. Wei, S. Inoue, D. Di Lecce, Z. Li, Y. Tominaga*, J. Hassoun*   Towards a highly performing lithium-metal battery with glyme solution and olivine cathode   ChemElectroChem
7 (11), 2376-2388   doi
Selected as a Front Cover
  103 V. Marangon, Y. Tominaga, J. Hassoun*   An alternative composite polymer electrolyte for high performances lithium battery   Journal of Power Sources
449, 227508  doi
  102 H. Nishino, C.Liu, S. Kanehashi, K. Mayumi, Y. Tominaga, T. Shimomura*, K. Ito   Ionic transport and mechanical properties of slide-ring gel swollen with Mg-ion electrolytes   Ionics
26, 255-261  doi