Search for Novel Quantum Materials

 Our research theme is to develop new quantum materials in transition metal compounds. Quantum materials are a group of materials that exhibit physical phenomena that cannot be treated within the scope of classical physics, and in which multiple degrees of freedom (charge, spin, orbital, etc.) emerge due to entanglement of electrons caused mainly by Coulomb forces. These degrees of freedom combine with unique lattice topology to produce new electronic states such as superconductivity and quantum spin liquids. Materials with such electronic states have the potential to transcend physics interests and spill over into society as new functional materials.  In the Katori Laboratory, we are studying "spin-orbit coupled magnets," in which novel magnetic states are realized by strong spin-orbit interactions, and "spin-orbital coupled magnets," in which the usual phase transitions are suppressed by the effect of "geometric arrangement" of the spins. We are developing novel quantum materials, mainly spin-frustrated magnetic materials.

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