Postal Code 184-8588
2-24-16 Nakamachi, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Department of Applied Physics
Room 508/519, Bldg. 4, Faculty of Engineering
Phone: 042-388-7115/7648
  Note: The School of Engineering is located on the Koganei Campus.



Higashi-Koganei and Musashi Koganei stations on the JR Chuo Line are the nearest stations.

   Map of nearby routes     ▷ walking route / Campus Map

Access from Higashi-Koganei Station 
Higashi-Koganei Station
  ↓ 10min. by foot
Koganei Campus, East Gate
  ↓ 5min. by foot
Bldg. 4, Faculty of Engineering

Access from Musasi-Koganei Station 
Musasi-Koganei Station
  ↓ 17min. by foot
Koganei Campus, Main Gate
  ↓ 10min. by foot
Bldg. 4, Faculty of Engineering

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