Katori Group Members

  •   Kazuhiro WAKASUGI - Master's Degree Program II
  •     During winter, I often wear heavy hoodies.
  •      I've been feeling a bit lonely lately because nobody else in my grade.

  •   Masa-aki ITO - Master's Degree Program I
  •     If you're interested in working late nights in the lab, let’s collaborate with me.
  •     Best regards.

  •   Masahiro KITAMURA - Master's Degree Program I
  •     He is my friend, picked up at 3 months old.

  •   Rio KUMEDA - Master's Degree Program I
  •     I like the chair in room 517.
  •     Because it's comfortable and makes a satisfying when beating it instead of a drum.

  •   Kimie KIM - Master's Degree Program I 
  •     I'll be back.

  •   Haruki KIRA - Undergraduate Program IV
  •     My hobbies are listening to music and visiting bakeries.
  •     I also enjoy following cute idols. My goal for this year is to go to many live concerts!

  •   Haruki SHOJI - Undergraduate Program IV
  •     I am a cat-lover and a mushroom-lover.

  •   Kota CHINONE - Undergraduate Program IV 
  •    I made a pilgrimage here because I like the anime work "Hyouka".

  •   Taiyo UWATOKU - Undergraduate Program III 
  •    I am not an early riser. I eat a surprisingly large amount of food!

  •   Makoto SAKIMUKAI - Undergraduate Program III 
  •    Gunma Meigetsu is an apple born in Gunma Prefecture, created by crossing Akagi and Fuji.
  •    It is characterized by its crispy texture and is very juicy with a lot of juice.

  •   Kouki SHOJI - Undergraduate Program III 
  •    I am happy when you give me food.

  •   Yasuhito TANAKA - Undergraduate Program III 
  •    I love to exercise.
  •     Being from the countryside, I am always looking for good food when I am in Tokyo!

  •   Wataru YOKOSHIMA - Undergraduate Program III 
  •    I like to travel and go often.


Career paths of graduates


Master's Degree GraduatesSUBARU CORPORATION
UndergraduatesTUAT, Department of Applied Physics (Our Lab.) 4 peoples


Doctors's Degree GraduatesMitsubishi Materials Corporation
Master's Degree GraduatesKomatsu Ltd.
Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
NEC Corporation
UndergraduatesTUAT, Department of Applied Physics (Our Lab.) 1 people
Teacher(Shizuoka City)
Persol R&D Corporation
UT AIM Corporation


Master's Degree GraduatesRenesas Electronics Corporation
Japan Vilene Co.
Tungaloy Corporation
UndergraduatesTUAT, Department of Applied Physics (Our Lab.) 2 peoples
Fuji Technical Research Co.


Master's Degree GraduatesTokyo Seimitsu Co.
NEC Corporation
UndergraduatesTUAT, Department of Applied Physics (Our Lab.) 3 peoples
ISSP, Master Course (Hiroi Lab.)
NTT Communications Co.