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Welcome to our homepage! Environmental Bio-Engineering Laboratory (EBEL) tackles on diversified environmental issues in soil and water based on "Environmental Chemical Engineering" "Environmental Bio-Engineering" "Ecological Engineering".
 We apply multidisciplinary approaches by using these pillars to tackle on environmental and energy issues, to solve the best solution and to develop an optimized system. Our main research topics are:

Water/wastewater treatment by microorganisms and biofilm control in industries
Reduction of greenhouse gas by plants and biomass
Development of a co-benefit system allowing for wastewater treatment and energy production
Development of a decomposition technologies for dioxins and PCBs removals

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Prof. Masaaki Hosomi
TEL: +81-42-388-7070
e-mail  hosomi(a)cc.tuat.ac.jp
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International researchers and students with various expertises are always welcome to join us.

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What's New

2012/9/26 Visit Prof. Feng Ma and Dawen Gao at Harbin Institute Technology, Key State Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment. lecture was given:
A. Terada "Nitritation/anaerobic ammonium oxidation in a single stage biofilm reactor"
2012/9/23-25 Oral presentation at IWA Nutrient Removal & Recovery2012: Trends in NRR (Harbin, China)
A. Terada "Confronting hydroxylamine with nitrite triggers N2O production from nitrifying bioreactors towards nitritation"
2012/9/19-22 Oral (invited) and poster presentations at 28th Japan Society for Microbial Ecology Conference (Toyohashi)
A. Terada (invited) "Biofilm control in wastewater treatment by modification of bio-interfaces: Towards enhancement of biofilm reactor performance and prevention of biofouling"

M. Kamimura "Methane flux and abundance of microorganisms responsible for methane production and oxidation in rice paddies applying liquid manure from livestock wastewater with different irrigation strategies"

K. Hojo "Effect of dissolved oxygen concentration in a bioreactor for nitritation on nitrous oxide formation pathways and mRNA expression by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria"

T. Yamamoto "Effect of extremely low dissolved oxygen concentration on N2O production and predominant ammonia oxidizing bacteria in partial nitrification bioreactors"
2012/9/10-11 Oral presentation at 15th Symposium of Japan Society on Water Environment (Saga)
S. Riya "Reduction of greenhouse gas emission from forage rice field treating livestock wastewater"
2012/9/6 Dr. Johwan Ahn (Principal Investigator at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) joined EBEL as a guest professor. Welcome to EBEL!
2012/9/1-2 Summer camp for writing was held at Hachioji Seminar House.
2012/8/19-24 Two poster presentation were conducted at The 14th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology (Copenhagen, Denmark)
M. Bellucci "Efficient nitrifying bioreactors operated at extremely low dissolved oxygen concentrations produce low N2O emissions

T. Yamamoto "Elucidating nitrous oxide formation pathways in a nitrifying bioreactor towards nitrification: the effect of dissolved oxygen"
2012/7/25 Invited Lecture: Dr. Yoshiteru Aoi (Hiroshima Univ.)
"Cultaivating unculturable"
2012/7/23 Invited Lecture: Dr. Io Mizushima (IPU, Denmark)
"Life in Denmark and ongoing research project"
2012/6/30 One presentation was conducted at Water and Environment Technology 2012 (Tokyo)
T. Yamamoto "Production mechanism of nitrous oxide from a nitrifying bioreactor towards partial ammonium oxidation"
2012/6/16 Prof. Zhang, a guest professor, has left for China after completing the project. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for enthusiastic attitude towards his project.
2012/6 Ms. Setsuko Tanaka, a laboratory technician, joined us.
2012/6/1,2 Laboratory camp was held at Yamanaka Lake. Great presentations for Master 1st and Bachelor 4th students!
We were also grateful to Dr. Nomura for giving an excellent presentation and to OB/OGs to come to the camp.
2012/5/19 The 20th anniversary party of Environmental Bio-Engineering Laboratory was held at Ellipse. More than 100 OB/OGs and previous staffs were particiapted
We thank all of the participants for sharing great time.
2012/3/31 Ms. Kajikawa, a laboratory technician who has worked for EBEL, retired. We thank her for her five-year dedicated contribution to EBEL and wish her the best for her new position.
2012/3/27 Seven students (six in Master and one in Bachelor) graduated EBEL. We wish them the best!
2012/3/17 Two presentations were conducted at the 77th Conference on Japan Society of Chemical Engineers at Kogakuin University (Tokyo)
Kanai "Development of dry methane fermentation towards swine wastewater treatment and development of recycling system"
Mizuma "Development of enzyme-immoiblized membrane capable of mitigating biofilm-based fouling"
2012/3/16 Five presentations were conducted at the 46th Annual Conference on Japan Society on Water Environment (Toyo University, Tokyo)
Tomoko Yamamoto "Effect of oxygen partial pressure on ammonia-oxidizing bacteria population, nitrite accumulation and nitrous oxide emission"
Keisuke Hojo "Emission and formation mechanism of nitrous oxide from a suspended bioreactor towards partial ammonia oxidation"
Shohei Riya "Correlation of nitrous oxide production property and gene expression encoding ammonia oxidation"
Miu Kamimura "Correlation of methane emission and methane-oxidizing bacteria in a rice paddy fields applying liquid manure from livestock wastewater"
Shohei Mizuma "Development of Filtration Membrane Mitigating Biofouling by Inhibiting Cell-to-cell Communication"
2012/3/15 Keisuke Hojo (Bachelor 4th) was awarded as the most outstanding presentation (1st prize out of 74 presenters (Lion Award)) at 46th Annual Conference on Japan Society on Water Environment (Toyo University, Tokyo). Congratulations!
2012/3/3 Two presentation were conducted at 14th Student Presentation on Japan Society on Chemical Engineers (Tokyo National College of Technology, Tokyo)
Genki Muto "Greenhouse gas emission propensities from a forage rice paddy field applying residues of dry methane fermentation"
Kazuhiro Suzuki "Characteristics of thermophilic dry methane fermentation by swine excreta and rice straw"
Genki Muto was awarded as an outstanding presentation. Congratulations!

Group photo of the current members at the trip in 2011


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