21 September 2012: FOLENS Certificate Award Ceremony
Awarding FOLENS Certificate by Director Takada Ceremonial photo with graduating students Remark by graduating students

On 21 September, the third FOLENS Certificate Award Ceremony was taken place. There were 6 graduating students including Dr. Long Zhao(China)、Dr.Rinawati(Indonesia)、Mr. Na-Ngern Prathomrak(Thai)、Ms. Xiao Zhi Qiu(China)、Ms. Nam Sooyoun(Korea)、Ms. Pyone Win Win(Myanmar). 5 graduating students attended the Ceremony. Prof.Takada, the director of FOLENS, awarded the Certificate to each of the student and conveyed a message by highlighting the importance of the filed oriented mind for leaders in environment sector. The Ceremony followed by the remarks by graduating students mentioning impressive experience of FOLENS and gratitude for meeting FOLENS students and faculties. After the graduation, we will get in touch with each other through FOLENS alumni mailing list to keep our FOLENS network. (AI)

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