From quantum devices to pioneering medical diagnostic technologies

We aim to contribute to non-invasive biological sensing, material characterization, and quantum technology through the development of novel ultrasound and terahertz wave imaging systems and the creation of innovative devices utilizing quantum phenomena. Our research themes are cross-disciplinary and challenging. We are looking forward to working with curious students to create technologies that contribute to society.

Visualizing Electricity and Magnetism with Ultrasound: ASEM Technology

Ultrasound is widely used in medical diagnostics and industrial testing. Its greatest feature is that it can gently image the contents of humans and concrete, which are invisible to the eye, without destroying them from the outside. Conventional ultrasonic echo methods diagnose internal defects and foreign bodies, but we have developed a technology that can image electrical and magnetic properties using ultrasonic waves (Acoustically Induced Electromagnetic Method: ASEM). This new technology is expected to provide imaging information on degeneration and deterioration of musculoskeletal systems such as bones, tendons, and ligaments, fibrosis of organs associated with chronic diseases, and degeneration and residual stress in various materials, which cannot be obtained with conventional measurement techniques such as ultrasound echo, MRI, and CT. We are developing ASEM as a new modality to contribute to society through new medical and healthcare devices that extend healthy life expectancy, devices and services that support athletes' prevention and healing decisions, and inspection technologies that are useful for social infrastructure maintenance and quality control of industrial products.

Photoelectric fusion processing

Using advanced semiconductor technology, we are working on the ultimate control of electrons and light. One of our targets is terahertz light, a band between radio waves and light. Terahertz light is an electromagnetic wave in the terahertz (1 THz = 10^{12}Hz) frequency range. It is also called "far-infrared light," which has a wavelength more than 100 times longer than that of visible light. Although the potential applications range from ultrafast information communications to bio-metrology and medical diagnostics, this is an unexplored area that has not yet been fully addressed by conventional electronics and photonics alone. We are developing fundamental technologies for single-photon detectors, optical amplification, and quantum information control in the terahertz frequency range using semiconductor quantum structures. Another target is the development of photoelectric fusion processing that takes advantage of the respective merits of electrons and light. We are exploring new mechanisms for advanced control of electrons and light on solid-state devices, such as photon circuits and optical programmable circuits, which will revolutionize not only electronics and optical engineering, but also the field of information science.

Initiatives for Social Implementation

Industry-University Joint Research

We conduct joint research and development with companies in the medical, food, heavy industry, and other fields, and provide our laboratory's knowledge and technology to these fields.

Innovation Garage/Startup

ASEMtech, Inc. was established on November 1, 2023. We provide valuable testing equipment and services to the medical/healthcare and industrial fields.