Taishi Umezawa - Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology - Keywords: Plant Molecular Biology, Arabidopsis, abiotic stress, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, abscisic acid, ABA, signal transduction, proteome, phosphoproteomics, protein phosphoryaltion

Research interests

Recent emerging global and environmental issues, such as desertification or global warming etc., has a great impact on agricultural production worldwide, because such environmental changes cause multiple abiotic stresses (drought, saliniy or temperature etc.) for plants. One of our major goal is to develop stress-tolerant crops/trees, through a series of biological studies on the molecular mechanisms of cellular signal transduction in responses to abiotic stress in plants, mainly focusing on protein posttranslational modifications (e.g. phosphorylation). Our approach includes multiple techniques in plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and systems biology. Recently we are trying to apply phosphoproteomics to investigate signal transduction networks in plants.

News & Topics

1 Oct. 2021 | We joined to Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) "Multi-layered regulatory system of plant resilience under fluctuating environment".

1 Oct. 2021 | Three students (B3) joined to our lab.

21 July 2021 | Our paper was published in PNAS, in collaboration with Nagoya Univ., Saotama Univ., Utsunomiya Univ., RIKEN, Mizzou and OSU. Thank you all!

15 July 2021 | Our review paper was published in Plants.

4 June, 2021 | A new LC-MS system was installed!

15 March, 2021 | Our paper was published in Plant Physiology.

29 Dec, 2021 | Our paper was published in BBRC.

1 Dec, 2021 | We joined to the Moonshot program.

Contact info.

We encourage your application to our Master or Ph.D. courses, or some fellowship positions for postdoc as follows;
For Graduate students
--> Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE)
For non-Japanese scientists
--> JSPS Fellowship
--> Human Frontier Science Program
For Japanese scientists
--> JSPS Fellowship

If you are interested in our lab, plese contact us.

Taishi Umezawa, Ph.D.
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2-24-16 Nakacho, Koganei, Tokyo 184-8588

e-mail:taishi(at)cc.tuat.ac.jp [substitue "atmark" for (at) ]