"Measurement of Mitochondrial Electron Transfer Complex Activity by Cell Imaging"

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Mitochondria are one of the intracellular organelles that play a central role in intracellular energy production, generation of reactive oxygen species, and cell death. We hope to contribute to human health by investigating and regulating its mechanism.



Ms. Isaka, Mr. Uchiumi, and Ms. Doi presented at the 12th Kanto Branch Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Koganei).

Ms. Isaka "Detection of functional changes in intact mitochondria by extracellular administration"

Mr. Uchiumi, "Improvement of the system for evaluating electron transfer complex activity by mitochondrial membrane potential change imaging"

Ms. Doi, "Preparation of evaluation system using cultured cells for the inhibition of cell death by mitochondrial administration"


Ms. Kutani and Ms. Negoro presented their graduation theses.


Ms. Isaka, Mr. Uchiumi, and Ms. Doi presented their master's theses.


Prof. Ohta presented at the international conference "Targeting Mitochondria" (Berlin).


Prof. Ohta gave a lecture at the 43rd Symposium on Interactions between Biomembranes and Drugs (Hokkaido University).


Ibban Sadab Sipar (D1) joins the lab!

2022/09/28, 29

Ms. Ogihara, Ms. Koyama, Ms. Saito, Ms. Neda, Mr. Maekawa, and Ms. Naima presented at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan (Hakodate Arena).


Prof. Ohta presented at the 31st Annual Meeting of Japan Bioimaging Society (Osaka University).


Joint research with Prof. Yutaka Kuroda's group (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) was published in a paper.

“Direct Analysis of Mitochondrial Damage Caused by Misfolded/Destabilized Proteins”
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 23:9881. database

2022/07/03 Joint research with Prof. Takeo Miyake's group (Waseda University) was published in a paper.

“pH modulation in adhesive cells with a protonic biotransducer”
Bioelectrochemistry 147:108202. database


Joint research with Dr. Ikuro Osawa (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology) was published in a press release. pdf

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