Prof. Akane Tanaka Prof. Hiroshi Matsuda
Prof. Akane Tanaka Prof. Hiroshi Matsuda

Comparative Animal Medicine Prof. Akane Tanaka

Current field of research: Immunology/Oncology

Current research theme: Analysis of expression kinetics of cell cycle regulating proteins in neoplastic proliferation of mast cells, clarification of the role of transcription factor NF-kappa B in the neoplastic proliferation of mast cells and immunological activity, establishment of molecular target treatment methods which can control growth and activation of mast cells, and, in a broader sense, immune system cells.

Keywords: Leukemia, mast cell tumor, molecular targeted therapy method

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I enrolled in this university with the goal of becoming a clinician and obtained a veterinary license. I took part in clinical practice after graduation, but day after day I found myself asking more and more questions, seeking more and more answers about life science. That’s why I enrolled in a PhD course. I learned so much there from my lab mates and from teachers I respect and admire. This led me to the decision that I would take part in research that focuses on the true nature of life phenomena at least once during my lifetime. I look forward to talking with people all over the world I meet through my research.