International Travel Insurance

TUAT Students Travelling Overseas

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (“TUAT”) students who are travelling overseas for the purpose of international study/research as part of the activities at TUAT, are required to join the overseas travel insurance. All TUAT students travelling overseas for the purpose of international study/research must join the “Futai Kaigaku” insurance.
“Futai Kaigaku” is a comprehensive overseas travel insurance joined by over 285 universities under Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (“JEES”) and those who join will benefit insurance premiums at below 2/3 of the market level for the similar liability coverages. The insurance premium and liability coverage are reviewed annually in June to reflect the past insurance performance. For overseas travel on/after June 1, 2019, extended coverages for medical treatment cost and rescuer cost (unlimited) will be applied.
Here you can view the coverages and insurance premiums.

There will be separate URLs according to your travel purpose and departure date. Please do not apply by fax or e-mail but apply through the URL.
Please complete the insurance application in advance, at least 3 weeks before your departure. After the application process is completed, the insurance agency E-CALLS Inc. will mail you the overseas travel insurance certificate and overseas travel insurance handbook to your home address. You must bring them with you while going abroad.

If there is any change to your travel dates, contact E-CALLS Inc. immediately, and proceed with the change of your overseas travel insurance. Especially in the case of extending your travel period, cancellation procedure of your overseas travel insurance must be completed by one day before your insurance effective date (initial departure date) begins. If this cancellation procedure is not completed before your insurance effective date, this will be treated as a midway cancellation, and the paid insurance premiums for the progressed period (monthly basis) will not be refunded. Please be careful.

For inquiries on insurance procedures or coverages, please contact Customer Center at E-CALLS Inc., the insurance agency.
Eligibility to join this overseas travel insurance is TUAT students who have joined Personal Accident Insurance for Students (“GAKKENSAI”). Teaching/administrative staff are not eligible to join.

Application Procedure

Please access appropriate URL below and complete the travel insurance procedure 3 weeks before your departure. For the password, please log into the SPICA System and select the item "お知らせ情報" (last on the left menu) .


★Education = to take part in activities such as conferences and overseas educational programs planned by TUAT.
★Research = to take part in research activities such as field survey, experiments at partner institutions.
※For inquiries regarding the travel purpose, please contact International Affairs Office at kokusai* (change * for @)

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For any inquiries about the insurance and the application, please contact:
E-CALLS Inc. Customer Center