Global Cafe (Will be closed from August, 2023)

We are not taking reservations from March, 2023.
Fuchu Global Cafe (2nd floor of Co-op Cafeteria ) can be used as an open space until July 31st, but please note that the space will be closed from August 1st.
The Koganei Global Cafe (Building No.13, 4th floor) will continue to be available as an open space. However, as a general rule, it is limited to personal use only.


Global Cafe is a space where Japanese and foreigners can gather to talk, exchange some ideas, learn and have fun. We encourage not only students but staff and professors to also participate in the activities towards a more international TUAT! Practicing English, learning more about other cultures, making new friends or just having a nice time… Whatever your objective is, Global Cafe is the place!Take a peak and check out our Calendar!