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2015 - 2020

Plasma Actuator

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Helicon Plasma Thruster

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- 2010

Plasma Sail

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Helicon Plasma Thruster

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Plasma Actuator

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2019 Apr.- 2020 Mar. (MM.DD)
XXXIV International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (XXXIV ICPIG)(Sapporo, Japan) K.Nakai
The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference(Prague, Czech) T.Ishikawa
32nd ISTS(Fukui, Japan) A.Nakano(Best Poster Award), A.Hatamoto and X.Ma

Thesis themes

Students graduated in 2020 Mar.

Doctor's degree (Ph.D)

Asa Nakano

Clarification of Voltage Waveform Effect on Performance of Plasma Actuator

Kumi Nakai

Analysis of Electrohydrodynamic Force Generation Mechanism and Study on Performance Improvement of Plasma Actuator Utilizing Plasma Fluid Model

Master's degree

Kaichi Shimura

Characterization of Electrodeless RF Plasma Thruster Using Non-uniform Magnetic Field for Structural Optimization

Kazutaka Matsushima

Investigation of Magnetic Field Configuration Dependence of Plasma Flow in RF Plasma Thruster

Keiji Tada

Flow Control around High-Angle-of-Attack Slender Body Using Plasma Actuator and Surface Flow Visualization

Seia Ogasawara

Study on Electrodeless Plasma Acceleration Utilizing Traveling Magnetic Field on Electrodeless RF Thruster

Students graduated in 2019 Mar.

Master's degree

Daichi Hasegawa

Study on Characteristics of Discharge Light Emission and Induced Jet of a Plasma Actuator Using DC and AC Discharge

Rei Fujieda

Visualization of Asymmetric Separating Flow Controlled by Plasma Actuator on High-Angle-of-Attack Slender Body

Shun Nakai

Experimental Investigation on DBD Plasma Actuator Applying Voltage Waveform with Pulsed Voltage Change

Students graduated in 2017 Mar.

Master's degree

Kosuke Ota

Study on Body Force Field Estimation Based on the Helmholtz Decomposition in Plasma Actuator

Students graduated in 2016 Mar.

Master's degree

Akira Matsubara

Experimental Parametric Study on Separation Control of Airfoil under Low Reynolds Number Condition by DBD Plasma Actuator

Ayane Sato

Study on High-Angle-of-Attack Aerodynamic Characteristics of Slender Body with Blowing from Penetrating-Flow Channels

Masaki Tamura

Study on the Driving Mechanism on Tri-Electrode Plasma Actuator Utilizing DC High Voltage

Sho Ito

Study on Configuration Optimization of Magnetic Nozzle Type RF Plasma Thruster

Tsubasa Sekiya

Investigation on Periodic Fluctuating Body Force Field in DBD Plasma Actuator Using Particle Image Velocimetry

Yosuke Morikawa

Side Force Control on High-Angle-of-Attack Slender Body Using Plasma Actuator in Burst Operation

Students graduated in 2015 Mar.

Doctor's degree

Takahiro Nakamura

Magnetic Field Distribution Effect on Plasma Production/Acceleration Efficiency in Electrodeless Helicon Plasma Thruster

Master's degree

Takuma Baba

Magnetohydrodynamic Analysis on Thrust Characteristics of the Multipole-type Magneto-Plasma Sail

Tomomi Shiraish

Proposal of Tri-Electrode Configuration and Experimental Performance Research on DBD Plasma Actuator

Yu Meshino

Magnetohydrodynamic Analysis on Effects of Time-variation in Solar Wind Parameters on Thrust Characteristics of Magnetic Sail

Students graduated in 2014 Mar.

Master's degree

Hikaru Arita

Magnetohydrodynamic Analysis of Magneto-Plasma Sail Using Ring-Current Inflation

Masayuki Sato

Investigation of DBD Plasma Actuator Arrangement for Control on High-Angle-of-Attack Slender-Body Side Force

Takuya Koizumi

Coupling Simulation of Discharge Plasma and Flow Field on DBD Plasma Actuator

Students graduated in 2013 Mar.

Master's degree

Kenji Takahashi

Direct Measurement of Electromagnetic Thrust on Lissajous Acceleration Type Plasma Thruster Using Small Helicon Source

Students graduated in 2012 Mar.

Master's degree

Ryoji Inaba

Numerical Analysis on Aft-body Separation Flow Control around High-Angle-of-Attack Slender Body Using DBD Plasma Actuator

Students graduated in 2011 Mar.

Master's degree

Kenji Yokoi

Characteristics Measurement of Plasma Flow on Electrodeless Electromagnetic Plasma Thruster Using Small Helicon Source