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Faculty Members of IEAS (as of October 2020)

Field of International Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation

Researcher Subject specialization
About laboratory
WATANABE Hirozumi, Prof. Pollutant fate and transport
Monitoring and modeling of pollutant behavior and environmental assessment →Laboratory
GOMI Takashi, Prof. Watershed hydrology and Ecosystem Management
Forest Management and soil-water conservation in watershed ecosystem →Laboratory
KATO Tasuku, Prof. Agricultural water use and conservation
Water resources and environment management in irrigation and drainage →Laboratory

Prof. Yuji KOHGO retired in March 2020 and is currently teaching as senior professor.

Field of International Biological Production and Resource Science

Researcher Subject specialization
About laboratory
KATSURA Keisuke, Associate Prof. Crop Production Science

Laboratory (tentative)

OKAZAKI Shin, Prof. Soil Microbiology: Rhizobium and other Endophytes

Soil Microbiology (Molecular analysis of plant-microbe interaction) →Laboratory

OIKAWA Yosei, Senior Assistant Prof.

Tropical Agriculture and Forestry

Improvement of Agroforestry Practices →Workshop.

Prof. Yoshiharu FUJII retired in March 2020, and is now engaged in a research project and teaching as senior professor.

Prof. BELLINGRATH-KIMURA Sonoko Dorothea transferred to The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Germany, in April 2015 and is now visiting professor of TUAT.

Field of International Development on Rural Areas

Researcher Subject specialization
About laboratory
YAMADA Masaaki, Prof. Sustainable Rural Development
International Development Cooperation (Immigrant agriculture, Appropriate technology, Agroforestry, etc.) →Inquiry
KAWABATA Yoshiko, Associate Prof. Water Resources in arid land
Global Environment in arid land
NIE Haisong, Senior Assistant Prof. Population Sociology Population Sociology in Developing Countries
Associate Prof. Ikuo TAKEUCHI retired in March 2020 and is now guiding graduate students.

Visiting Professor

Researcher Lecture title About laboratory

Visiting professors

General Aspect for Regional Development (since Oct 2020 until March 2021)  

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