What is the GIYSE program?JAPANESE

The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) offers a program called “The Global Innovation Program for Young Scientists and Engineers” (GIYSE). This program is intended for high school students who want to become researchers and engineers in different scientific fields, in this modern world that involves working across international borders.
Today, mankind faces a variety of problems that need to be addressed, such as maintaining adequate food supplies, dealing with the depletion of energy resources, and resolving complex environmental issues. In addition, it is anticipated that certain fields of science, such as life sciences and sciences using cutting-edge technologies, will undergo further rapid development, owing to our human quest to pursue safe and comfortable lives. The TUAT offers a program for high school students who are planning to join future scientists and engineers who participate in these global developments.

Lectures and group studies

Considering scientific solutions for the issues faced by mankind and our home here on Earth

In group discussions, participants will exchange opinions on the theme: "Tackling the Issues We Face Here on Earth” as they identify and address the problems we are currently facing. We will discuss the issues that people are currently facing throughout the world and the possible solutions to these issues. Sharing your thoughts with others and listening to other people’s opinions will help you gain a better ability to discuss complex ideas and learn about new issues that you may not have considered before. TUAT students will help the discussions as facilitators.

Experiment / Training

Performing experiments using the latest equipment and researching under the guidance of top scientists

During the first stage of the program, you will perform basic experiments that are usually offered at the university level in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology. Before proceeding to the second stage, you will get a chance to explore different research topics to help you identify the one that you want to focus on. This will be done in consultation with a TUAT faculty member who will provide guidance and help you choose your research project.

Practicing English / e-learning

Acquire the language skills scientists need and improve your communication ability

Communicating in English is essential for scientific activities (such as subscribing to journals and writing papers, communicating with collaborators, presenting at conferences, etc.). You will learn about the role of English as a common language used for these activities, and you will learn how to express yourself in English. In addition to in-class activities, we provide a set of e-learning materials to reinforce individual learning.

Individual research at the second stage of the program

Doing individual research under the guidance of top researchers using the latest equipment

During the second stage of the program, you can pursue your own research project in a TUAT laboratory under professional supervision. You will also have the opportunity to receive advice from top researchers from other countries and exchange ideas. Finally, you will present your work at a conference and submit a research paper on your findings.