Introduction of our laboratory

Education and Studies

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Dr. Katayama (Professor)  Dr. Tarao (Associate Professor)

Laboratory life

  • We start our work (laboratory works, discussion with staffs and students, paper reading, etc.) not later than 10 a.m. every weekday.
  • Students supervised by Dr. Katayama attend a meeting every week.
  • Students supervised by Dr. Tarao attend a conference every morning and disscuss about their data and study plans (see left).

  • Seminor: From 16:30 to 18:30 on every Monday
  • Reading circle: From 16:30 to 18:00 on every Thursday
  • Interim report meeting: 4 times a year
At a clean bench
Analysis by a spectrophotometer
Analysis by a TOC analyzer


  • Basic instruments for microbiology; Autoclave, Dry oven, Water distiller, Phase contrast microscope, Fluorescence microscope, Stereoscopic microscope, Analytical balance, Clean bench, Centrifugal separator, French press, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, Ultrasonic generator, etc.
  • Instruments for molecular biology; Thermal cycler, Electrophoresis, etc.
  • Analytical instruments; Total organic carbon/total nitrogen analyzer (Shimazu), C/N corder (Yanaco Technical Science), HPLC (Shodex, HP), Ion-chromatography (Shodex), Gas-chromatography (Shimazu), etc.
  • Computers; We mainly use Macintosh because Dr. Katayama and Dr. Tarao are Mac. users. We have a Power Mac G5 and another Power Mac. Although there is no persecution for using non-Macintosh PC in our laboratory, some poor sense students using other PCs such as Windows appear to be ashamed.

Course of graduates for higher education

Graduate school of TUAT; Graduate school of Hokkaido Univ.; Graduate school of Tohoku Univ.; Graduate school of Univ. of Tokyo.; Graduate school of Tokyo Technical Univ.; Graduate school of Nagoya Univ.; Graduate school of Kyoto Univ.; Nara Institute of Science and Technology; Graduate school of Osaka Univ.; Graduate school of Okayama Univ.; Graduate school of Hiroshima Univ.

Course of graduates for job

University (teacher); National government; Local government; Pharmaceutical company; Environment consulting company; Water treatment company; Food processing company; Trading company; CO-OP; NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation); NGO; Religious corporation

Extracurricular activities (it's a joke!)

Tennis club; Muscle-building club; Swimming club; Boast club; IT committee; Laboratory clean-up committee; Cinema club; Comedy school; Almni association

Party at the 5th building
in Fuchu campus
New year party at Dr. Tarao's apartment
Dr. Katayama's birthday party

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