About our laboratory.

Optoelectronic Systems
The Key to Change the World!

Y-TANAKA Laboratory specializes in optoelectronic systems including optical sensing systems, fiber optic power transmission systems, optical information processing, and high-speed optical communications systems.


Some of Our Recent Study

Sensor network based on fiber optical power supply[1]
---What a low-power system! Hundreds of sensors with many kinds are driven by a 1-W laser diode.

Distance displacement measurement using two-photon absorption process in a Siphotodetector[2][3]
---Simple but high-precision measurement system! Accuracy of 10-5 is achieved.

Measurement of high-speed vibration displacement with fiber optic interferomenter[4]
---Vibration displacement is measured accurately by using optical communication devices.

Study on high-speed and high-capacity optical communication system[5][6]

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