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To prospective students

I am actively recruiting both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working in the field of, for example, soil physics and hydrology. I am especially interested in numerical simualtion of flow and transport in variably saturated porous media. I have been using HYDRUS a lot both in research and teaching. I have several publications related to HYDRUS development and applications. My research interests vary from developing modeling techniques to more applied research, such as developing irrigation technique (e.g., subsurface drip irrigation). I am also interested in applying geophysicl techniques, such as ground penetrating radar, to understand vadose zone hydrology. I have been working on geostatistical characterization of spatial data, such as soil contaminants as well. Although not a lot, there are some sholarships available from the university for international students. Please contact Dr. Hirotaka Saito directly at hiros at go.tuat.ac.jp for any iquiry.

Please see the list of publication for our recent research achievements (e.g., Google citation).

HYDRUS workshop and short courses 2018

We are pleased to announce that our lab will be hosting HYDRUS workshop and short courses in September 2018 as we are inviting Prof. Jirka Simunek (University of California, Riverside) as JSPS fellow to TUAT. If interested to present your research at the workshop or to attend the short course, please contact Dr. Hirotaka Saito (hiros at go.tuat.ac.jp) directly or see the following link for details posted on HYDRUS webpage.

Please see the link or here for more details

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