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Welcome to our website. Our laboratory is interested in studying the role of microorganisms in its natural habitat focusing mainly on unknown or uncultivable bacteria. To achieve this, we focus on the development of biotechnological methods to ease their manipulation and try to further understand their unique genetic traits via bacterial genetics. In addition, we also drive towards the exploitation of environmental microbes for important and unique genes or metabolic clusters applicable in industry using functional metagenomics. Please refer to our research projects for the current topics we are indulged in.

モリ研のウェブサイトへようこそ. 私たちの研究室では新規・未同定環境微生物の有効利用および生態・役割・遺伝的バックグラウンドの理解を目指し、分子生物学的手法を基盤とした技術開発を行っています.更に、メタゲノミクスを用いて産業界に適用可能な重要かつユニークな遺伝子および代謝クラスターのスクリーニングにも取り組んでいます.興味のある方は、研究内容のページで私たちが現在取り組んでいる研究プロジェクトを参照して下さい.


2024.4.4 (NEW)

We renewed the contents of our website. Please stay tuned for more updates.



The new year is starting and everyone at Mori lab will do their best again this year!