Nukui Jinja Shrine Festival

edited by Shiraki sensei. 2016/Sep/5, updated 2016/Oct/5, updated 2017/8/8
photos were taken by Azizi, Jai and Shiraki sensei.

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The tour guide for the TUAT-Agri AIMS students.

Summary and Maps from Facebook page.

Nukui ShrineNukui Shrine

The Nukui Jinja shrine festival of this year will be held on 9 September (Sat) and 10 (Sun) 2017.
 The Nukui shrine is a small village shrine, but has long history. You know the Okunitama shrine near the Fuchu station, one of the biggest shrine in Japan. The Nukui shrine has close relationship with the Okunitama shrine.
The Nukui shrine is a little bit far from the campus, but within the walk distance (about 2km apart?).
I think that the Ohayashi, Japanese traditional festival music is something similar with the Indonesian music.  The Nukui Bayashi is a set of the Japanese traditional music and dances of shishi-mai (a Japanese god of Leo), foxes (a kind of god, too) and Hyottoko (Japanese funny farmers). If you have time, go and see it and feel and join it !,139.4865721,14.75z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x54baa5ffdc50132c

Route Map from TUAT-Agri Campus to the Nukui Shrine.

(Better to walk? It's about 1.5km away. Within walk distance? The map shows the way if you use the buses. You need change buses at the Higashi-Motomachi Bus stop)
(Use Keio bus and Bun-Bus, the city community bus, smaller bus. Change at the Higasi-motomachi)

from TUAT to Nukui Shrine

Detail map around the Nukui Shrine

Detail with pics


The 1st day: Sarturday

  afternoon: Nukui Bayashi goes walking around the Nukui-Kita Machi town (Northern part).
  evening to night: Mikoshi, the carrying shrine goes around Nukui-Minami (Southern part).
  16:00 Shops are starting at Nukui Jinja and Sanraku Park.
  17:00 Nukui Bayashi at the Sanraku Park.
sanraku time tablehayashihayashi

  18:30? Nukui Bayashi at the Nukui Jinja shrine.
  19:00  Fire work at the Nukui Jinja. You can see the ten of more Fire flowers.
  about 19:00 Festival car; Night Lightening version, starts to move.
night car
   19:30 to 21:30 Nukui Bayashi in front of the Osawa house (at the destination of the Festival car). With free drink and food (maybe Curry and rice with pork)

The second day: Sunday

  morning to evening: Carrying shrine, portable shrine are going around the city.
  10:30 MITAMAIRE ceremony at the Nukui shrine. A ceremony for putting a soul in. (in something ? I am not sure)
  12:00 Festival car, children carrying shrine and drum team, and the Nukui Bayashi start at the Nukui shrine, walking around the city.
  18:00 The Festival car and carrying shrine will go back to the Nukui Shrine.
  19:30 to 21:30 Nukui Bayashi in front of the Osawa house (at the same place of yesterday)
hayashi carhayashi carbig drum

Other information

Nukui bayashi movie with the Lion God (Shishi-mai) and Hyottoko, taken at the Sanraku park.
ohayashi mp4
LEO biting mp4
Hyottoko mp4


shrinedrumat sanrakustaffwata-amehayashi