Gentiane Venture Distinguished Prof. Gentiane VENTURE
ベンチャー ジェンチャン 卓越教授

I am interested in how robots could change the world, or not.
Hernandez Adjunct Associate Professor Vincent HERNANDEZ (SURFCLEAN, Japan)
ヘルナンデス ベンセン 客員准教授

I work on deep learning applications to biomechanics.
Luis-Enrique GIR Assistant Prof. Luis-Enrique CORONADO
コロナド ルイス エンリケ GIR 特任助教
I try to increase the usability and flexibility of robots with the development of software tools that enable the generation of real-world applications.
Yue Hu Assistant Prof. Yue HU
フ・ユエ 特任助教

I'm trying to understand humans so that robots can engage in better physical interactions with people.
Liz Rincon Assistant Prof. Liz RINCON-ARDILA
リンコン・アルディーラ リース 特任助教

I work on deep optimal and adaptive cognitive control systems for personalized HRI
Nishizawa Researcher Uichi NISHIZAWA
西澤 宇一 研究員

I work on robotics, welfare technology, and aerospace engineering.
Kanetoku Administrative assistant Masami KANETOKU
金徳 正美 秘書
Asada Administrative assistant Kumiko ASADA
淺田 久美子 秘書
Abigail Pop JASSO Visiting student Abigail POP (IMARO, France)
ポップ アビゲール 訪問学生
I work of robot dynamics self-awarness
Corentin Noyer Visiting student Corentin NOYER (Montpellier University, France)
ノイエ コランタン 国際インターンシップ
I work on the development of assistive devices for upper-limb rehabilitation
Dino International internship Dino BESCHI (Strate, France)
ベスキ ディノ 国際インターンシップ
Bastien International internship Bastien MURACCIOLI (Montpellier University, France)
ムラチオリ バスチナン 国際インターンシップ
Dora Garcin Visiting student Dora GARCIN (Strate, France)
ガルサン ドラ 国際インターンシップ
I am also prototyping a robot to help young ederly people in there everyday life
Zhao Peishu Research student Zhao PEISHU
趙 培树 研究生
Robot localization and obstacle avoidance based on multi-sensor fusion.
Hashim Khalil Remote Exchange student internship Hisham KHALIL (MJIIT, Malaysia)
カリル ヒシャム 交換留学国際インターンシップ
I work on retargetting human movement in the robot Pepper
shimizu PhD student Soya SHIMIZU
清水 蒼椰 博士後期課程
In my study, I analyse human and robot motions using Functional Principal Component Analysis (FPCA) to generate easily new robot motions.

PhD student Xela INDURKHYA
インドゥルキャ ズィーラ 博士後期課程

I work on human-robot shared life.

kawagoe PhD student Takahiro KAWAGOE
川越 隆裕 博士後期課程
I aim to create a new model of measuring reaction force to develop a new tool to collect a human’s reaction forces in the daily life to improve sport training.
SimeonCapy PhD student Simeon CAPY
カピ シメオン 博士後期課程

I work on a way to have human-robot interactions more human
hagane PhD student Shohei HAGANE
羽金 昌平 博士後期課程
I work on adaptive control of robots for expressive movements.
Pablo Osorio PhD student Pablo OSORIO
オソリオ パブロ 博士後期課程

My research focuses on the development of robotic expressive movement control using non-verbal features
kato PhD student Akiyoshi Hayashi
林 玲秀 博士弧後期課程

Aruga Master student Yuki ARUGA
有賀 唯貴 博士前期課程
Ishida Master student Shouyo ISHIDA
石田 翔洋 博士前期課程
Aruga Master student Koki TAKESHITA
竹下 幸来 博士前期課程
Takeshi Nomura Master student Takeshi NOMURA
野村 武志 博士前期課程
Toyoguchi Master student Sari TOYOGUCHI
豊口 彩理 博士前期課程
Yamamoto Master student Marie YAMAMOTO
山本 万里恵 博士前期課程
Yukutake Master student Mutsuki YUKUTAKE
行武 睦稀 博士前期課程
Toshifumi Shinya Master student Toshifumi SHINYA
眞家 季史 博士前期課程
Abe Master student Tetsuya ABE (AIST)
阿部 哲也 博士前期課程
Kanda Research student Shinya KANDA (Graduated in 2021)
神田 伸也 研究生
Eina Serizawa Undergraduate student Eina SERIZAWA
芹澤 英奈 学部4年生
Nanako Endo Undergraduate student Nanako ENDO
遠藤 菜々子 学部4年生
Takumi Haga Undergraduate student Takumi HAGA
羽賀 匠 学部4年生
Ryoma Sato Undergraduate student Ryoma SATO
佐藤 諒真 学部4年生
Kenta Kamikokuryo Undergraduate student Kenta KAMIKOKURYO
上國料 健太 学部4年生
Marie Luce Bourguet Visiting Professor Marie-Luce BOURGUET (Queen Mary University London, UK)
ブーゲ マリルース 訪問教授

I work on multimodal human-computer interaction.
Anup Nandy Visiting researcher Anup NANDY (NIT Rourkela, India)
ナンディ アヌップ 訪問研究員

I work on the development of a pathological healthcare system for early detection of neurological gait abnormalities
kulic GIR visiting Prof. Dana KULIC (Waterloo University, Canada)
クリチ ダナ GIR訪問准教授
GIR visiting Prof. Wael SULEIMAN (Sherbrooke University, Canada)
スレイマン ワエル GIR訪問准教授
jpl GIR visiting Prof. Jean-Paul LAUMOND (LAAS, France)
ローモン ジャン・ポール GIR訪問教授
lestel JSPS visiting Prof. Dominique LESTEL (Ecole normale superieure, France)
レステル ドミニク 日本学術振興招聘訪問准
I work on the meaning of "living" with robots.
asfour GIR visiting Prof. Tamim ASFOUR (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
アスフー タミム GIR
JSPS visiting Prof. Maxime GAUTIER (Nantes Univ., France)
Carreno Visiting researcher Pamela CARRENO (Waterloo University, Canada)
カレノ パメラ 訪問研究員
I worked on affective movements and inverse optimal control
Maike Klein JSPS Summer Program visiting researcher Maike KLEIN (Stuttgart University, Germany)
クライン マイク JSPS Summer Program 訪問研究員
I worked on emotions in artificial systems at the boundaries of philosophy, mechanical engineering, and other disciplines
Saikat Visiting researcher Saikat CHAKRABORTY (NIT Rourkela, India)
チャカボーティ サイカット 訪問研究員
I worked on the development of a pathological healthcare system for early detection of neurological gait abnormalities
BonnetV JSPS Postdoc Dr. Vincent BONNET
My research interests included various aspects of low-cost sensors, motion analysis, humanoid robotics, system identification and control.

Visiting researcher Anna-Katharina LABOISSIERE (Ecole normale superieure, France)
ラブワシエル アナ・カタリナ

sebastian Visiting researcher Josep-Arnau CLARET (Technical Univ. of Catalonia, Spain)
Matthew Visiting researcher Robert MATTHEW (Berkeley Univ., USA)
Visiting researcher Dr. Ritta BADDOURA (INSERM, France)
andrea GIR project assistant professor Dr. Andrea COLLO
I developed an energy efficient assitive device to support gait and sit-to-stand/stand-to-sit motions.
Silvio Visiting researcher Silvio TRAVERSARO (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy)
JSPS Post doc Dr. Qin ZHANG
JSPS visiting researcher Dr. Clint HANSEN
Hayashibe Visiting researcher Dr. Mitsuhiro HAYASHIBE (INRIA, France)
Visiting researcher Dr. Sebastien BRIOT (IRCCyN, France)
izui PhD student Takamune IZUI (Graduated in 2019)
伊豆井 尊宗 博士後期課程
I worked on understanding the relationship between robot motions and user's impressions in HRI. The goal of my research is to develop predictive model of impressions.
PhD student Takashi AOKI (graduated in 2018)
青木 崇 博士後期課程
I tried to recognize daily life behaviors of human using multi IMU sensors.
Master student Seiji YAMAGUCHI (Graduated in 2021)
山口 誠司 博士前期課程

I work on expressive motion genertion for robots using null-space control.
Miyanohara Master student Ren MIYANOHARA (Graduated in 2021)
宮之原 廉  博士前期課程

I work on pain detection from force sensors for wheelchair ridden people..
Yokoyama Master student Takuya YOKOYAMA (Graduated in 2021)
横山 琢也 博士前期課程

I work on motion recognition from forces to control telepresence robots.
Higuchi Master student Kei HIGUCHI (AIST) (Graduated in 2021)
樋口 慶 博士前期課程

I work on reinforcement learning for HRI.
suzui Master student Akira OOSONE   (graduated in 2020)
大曽根 輝  博士前期課程
I worked on the development of an upper limb assistive device for farmers.
Harada Master student Tatsuki HARADA   (graduated in 2020)
I worked on human expressive movements and inverse optimal controL.

Master student Kazushi NOMURA   (graduated in 2020)
野村 和司  博士前期課程

I worked on motion recognition using force sensors.

kato Master student Kodai KATO (AIST)   (graduated in 2020)
加藤 広大  博士前期課程 (産総研)

I worked on robot path planning
KatoSaki Master student Saki KATO  (graduated in 2019)
加藤 咲季 博士前期課程
I tried to study how a robot arm can pass tools to a skilled worker using a universal jamming gripper.
baba Master student Misato BABA  (graduated in 2019)
馬場 美沙都 博士前期課程
I tried to make a power assist suit using magnetic-fluid and controlled by electromyograph (EMG)
suzuki Master student Tomoya SUZUKI  (graduated in 2019)
鈴木 朝也 博士前期課程
I tried to develop a system that translate sign language.
suzui Master student Kota SUZUI (AIST)  (graduated in 2019)
鈴井 康太 博士前期課程 (産総研)
I tried to develop vision algorithm for object grasping and manipulation of a colaborative robot .
matsunaga Master student Ryo MATSUNAGA (graduated in 2018)
松永 遼 博士前期課程
I found the relation with the joint torque and the trajectory of the CoP (Center of Pressure) when pople get fatigue when walking for a long time.
nemoto Master student Kazuki NEMOTO  (graduated in 2018)
根本 和樹 博士前期課程
I tried to recognize the meaning of gesture measured with IMU sensor by using Hidden Markov Model.
yamaguchi Master student Takazumi YAMAGUCHI (graduated in 2018)
山口 高澄 博士前期課程
I tried to estimate joint angles using inverse kinematics based on marker positions obtained from Kinect.
futamure Master student Sumire FUTAMURE (graduated 2017)
My study focused on dynamic identification and dynamically consistent inverse kinematics using optimization to improve accuracy of human motion analysis.
katsumata Master student Takuma KATSUMATA (graduated 2017)
I developed control for painting task for KUKA LWR by using estimated dynamic and geometric model
hotoda Master student Makoto HOTODA (graduated 2016)
nagaoka Master student Kenichi NAGAOKA (graduated 2016)
kitamura Master student Kazuhiro KITAMURA (graduated 2016)
morishima Saori MORISHIMA (AIST-JRL, graduated 2016)
Master student Ryo HOSODA (graduated 2015)
Master student Takumi YABUKI (graduated 2015)
mikami Master student Yuya MIKAMI (graduated 2015)
Master student Daichi MAITA (graduated 2014)

Master student Tianxiang ZHANG (graduated 2014)

Master student Yusuke OGAWA (graduated 2014)
Master student Yuta KINASE (graduated 2014)

Master student Seiya SAKAGUCHI (graduated 2013)
Master student Kengo AOKI (graduated 2013)
Master student Toru IWASAKI (graduated 2013)
Master student Kouta ENOMOTO (graduated 2012)
Master student Yuta KAWASHIMA (graduated 2012)
Hamada Undergraduate student Ryohei HAMADA (graduated 2020)
濱田 崚平    学部4年生
Masuyama Undergraduate student Sohki MASUYAMA (Graduated in 2021)
益山 壮希 学部4年生
Danial Undergraduate student Mohamad Danial bin CHE ADENAN (graduated 2020)
モハマド ダニアル ビンチェ アデナン    学部4年生
Izumikawa Undergraduate student Ken IZUMIKAWA (graduated 2020)
泉川 健    学部4年生
Tei Undergraduate student Bing ZHENG (graduated 2019)
鄭 冰  学部4年生

I work on students behavior analysis for remote teaching.
ズル・イザティ・ビンティ・ザイナルケフリ 博士前期課程 (MOT)

I work on control of robots for expressive motions.
umeda Undergraduate student Teruyuki UMEDA
I worked on perception of robots depending on design (color, shape and movement).

Undergraduate student Ko WATANABE (graduated 2017)

I aimed to create a new model of measuring reaction force to develop a new tool to collect a human’s reaction forces in the daily life to improve HRI.

Yaw Bachelor 4th year Chen Kei YAW (graduated 2016)
takaiwa Bachelor 4th year Hiroshi TAKAIWA (graduated 2015)
corbeau Bachelor 4th year Manfred CORBEAU (graduated 2015)
doshida Bachelor 4th year Naoki DOSHIDA (graduated 2015)
kasaki Bachelor 4th year Takuma KASAKI (graduated 2014)
kikuchi Bachelor 4th year Ryo KIKUCHI (graduated 2014)
Bachelor 4th year Shuuma HASEGAWA (graduated 2013)
Bachelor 4th year Masami IIJIMA (graduated 2013)
Bachelor 4th year Yoshiaki OHTA (graduated 2013)
Bachelor 4th year Naoki TSUKABE (graduated 2012)
Bachelor 4th year Ryo MASTUKATA (graduated 2012)
Bachelor 4th year Hideyuki SHIKANO (graduated 2011)
Bachelor 4th year Shinsuke MOGI (graduated 2010)
Bachelor 4th year Togoroh KOJIMA (graduated 2010)
xiaoxu Research student Xiaoxu YANG (2015~2016)
I developed applications using smartphones: shaking your phone or pressing a key... that makes Nao or Pepper move and say something.
nakaishi Research student Kouki NAKAISHI (2016)
中石 光紀 研究生

I studied the relationship between EMG and joint torquein human arm, and try to implement mimetic motion torque control in the lab robot arm.
Xinyi Luo Remote visiting student Xinyi LUO (QMUL-BUPT) 2021
罗 心怡 JASSO 国際インターンシップ
I work on a robot that can guide people in exhibition and public spaces
Yilin Wang Remote visiting student Yilin WANG (QMUL-BUPT) 2021
王 仪琳 JASSO 国際インターンシップ
I work on a telepresence robot that creates a genuine sense of presence
Xinkai Ge Remote visiting student Xinkai GE (QMUL-BUPT) 2021
葛 鑫楷 JASSO 国際インターンシップ
I work on video motion capture for social robot control
Corentin Aznar Visiting student Corentin AZNAR (Strate, France) 2020
アズナール コランティン 国際インターンシップ
I am prototyping a robot to help young ederly people in there everyday life
Marcel Lahoud JASSO Visiting student Marcel LAHOUD (ECN, France) (graduated 2020)
ラフド マルセル JASSO留学生
I worked with force torque control for dual arm manipulation
Valentina Ramirez Visiting student Valentina RAMIREZ (Tempere Univ., Finland) 2020
ラミレス バレンティナ 国際インターンシップ
I work on HRI in cross cultural environment
Francesca Palermo JASSO Visiting researcher Francesca PALERMO (QMUL, UK) 2020
パレルモ  フランチェスカ JASSO訪問研究員

I research multimodal fusion models with vision and tactile feedback to implement in extreme environments.
Gokhan Solak Visiting Student Gökhan SOLAK (Queen Mary University London, UK) 2019
ソラック ギョーカン 訪問学生

I work on dual arm manipulation control.
Yanran Visiting Student Yanran Jiang (Monash University, Australia) 2019
蒋 嫣然 訪問学生

I work on human motion classification and understanding.

Exchange student Sebastian BUTSCHLE (TUM, Germany)
ブッチレ セバスティアン 交換留学学生


Exchange student Roberto BENEDICT (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia) 2019
ベネディクト ロベルト 交換留学学生

Randa Mallat Visiting researcher Randa MALLAT (Paris Est Creteil University, France) 2019
マラ ランダ 訪問研究員
I work on dynamics identification of the human body and assitive devices.
Florian STEP student Florian FILLOL (Grenoble Univ., France) (graduated 2019)
フィヨル フロリアン STEP留学生
Paulina International internship Paulina ZGUDA (Jagiellonian Univ., Poland) 2019
ズグダ パオリナ  国際インターンシップ
Minghe International internship Minghe XU (QMUL/BUPT, China) 2019
许 鸣鹤 国際インターンシップ
Shuran International internship Shuran YANG (QMUL/BUPT, China) 2019
杨 舒然 国際インターンシップ
Celia International internship Celia SAGHOUR (Montpellier Univ., France) 2019
サグー セリア  国際インターンシップ
Thomas International internship Thomas ROUZOT (Montpellier Univ., France) 2019
ルゾ トマ 国際インターンシップ
Nouhaila International internship Nouhaila DAOUD (Polytech Clermond Ferrant, France) 2019
ダウデゥ ヌハリア  国際インターンシップ
Zachary International internship Zachary SCHIANO (Polytech Clermond Ferrant, France) 2019
シアノ  国際インターンシップ
Irene International internship Irene FRIZZA (Pisa Univ., Italy) (gRaduated 2019)
フリッザ イレネ  国際インターンシップ
Cecilia International internship Cecilia MORANDI (Pisa Univ., Italy) (graduated 2019)
モランディ セチリア  国際インターンシップ
Yin International internship Yin CHEN (QMUL-BUPT, UK-China) 2019
陈胤  国際インターンシップ
Yuyuan International internship YuYuan SHI (QMUL-BUPT, UK-China) 2019
石钰瑗  国際インターンシップ生
Edo AIMS student Eraraya RICARDO MUTEN (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia) 2019
ムテン リカルド エララヤ AIMS留学生
Christopher Law STEP exhange student Christopher LAW (Grenoble University, France) (graduated 2018)
ロウ・クリストファー STEP交換留学生
JASSO visiting student Suraj PATTAR (EMARO) (Graduated 2018)
パター スラシュ JASSO交換留学生
Elshaiki JASSO visiting student Abdelhamied ELSHAIKI (ARIA, France) (graduated 2018)
エーシャイキ アブデラミエッド JASSO交換留学生
Rida Fawzi JASSO visiting student Rida FAWZI (UPEC, France) (graduated 2018)
ファウジ リダ JASSO交換留学生
Raida Rehouni JASSO visiting student Raida REHOUNI (Montpellier University, France) (graduated 2018)
レフニ ライダ JASSO交換留学生
Jiawen Jiawen ZHANG (QMUL-BUPT, UK-China) 2018
张 佳雯 国際インターンシップ
Ziqian International Internship Ziqian CHEN (QMUL-BUPT, UK-China) 2018
陈 子谦 国際インターンシップ
Hanse Hendra AIMS student Hansen HENDRA (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia) 2017
ヘンドラ ハンセン AIMS 学生

I work on interactive house system with integrated robot arm.
Julyando AIMS student Julyando PHAM (Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia) 2017
ファーン ジュリャンド AIMS学生

I work on developing Nao's behaviour as social robot that can engage in long term human - robot interaction.
decrastes STEP visiting student Damien CRASTES (Grenoble Univ., France) 2017
クラスト ダミアン STEP交換留学生
Yanzhou YU JASSO visiting student Yanzhou YU (ARIA, France) (graduated 2017)
余 演舟 JASSO交換留学生
Hernandez JASSO visiting student Etienne CHABERT (Montpellier Univ., France) 2017
シャベル エティエン JASSO交換留学生
Gourmelen International Internship Guillaume GOURMELEN (Montpellier Univ., France) 2017
グルムラン ギヨーム 国際インターンシップ
arnaud Visiting student Arnaud CANTON (STEP) 2016
I tried to program a low-cost robot to make it track, follow, film and analyze the behavior of patients who suffer from Parkinson disease.
mohammad JASSO visiting student Mohammad Reza LOGHMANI (EMARO, EU)(graduated 2016)
I tried to infer emotional information carried by non-stylized human motion by using low-cost sensors.
rasto JASSO visiting student Rastislav MARKO (EMARO, EU)(graduated 2016)
I utilized the multimodal data from Kinect sensor for estimation of human engagement for a human-(social)robot interaction interface.
nahla JASSO visiting student Nahla TABTI (Montpellier Univ., France)(graduated 2016)
I worked on the estimation of inertial parameters of a huma using lower-cost sensors.
sebastian JASSO visiting student Jonathan LIN (Waterloo Univ., Canada) 2015-2016
vlad JASSO visiting student Vladimir JOUKOV (Waterloo Univ., Canada) 2015
Vasudevan JASSO visiting student Praveenkumar VASUDEVAN (EMARO, EU)(graduated 2015)
faedda JASSO visiting student Alessandro FAEDDA (EMARO, EU)(graduated 2015)
yap AIMS visiting student Yap KIAN KUN (MJIIT, Malaysia)
rick AIMS visiting student Patrick LIM (MJIIT, Malaysia)
Muz AIMS visiting student Ahmad Muzakkir WAHAB (MJIIT, Malaysia)
International Internship Baptiste LOREAUX (Ecole Normale Superieure, France)
ローロ バティスト 国際インターンシップ
kevin Visiting student Kevin CHIRK (Polytech UMPC, France)(graduated 2016)
チーック ケビン 訪問研究員
I worked on a quasi-passive lower-limbs exoskeleton to make it easier and more comfortable for patients with gait disorder or lower-limbs weakness to walk.
magda Visiting student Magda DUBOIS (EPFL, Switzerland)
デゥブア マグダ (EPFL, Switzerland)
I tried to establish the importance of emotional motions in HRI with the help of proxemics.
sebastian Visiting student Rayan ELLEUCH (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France) (graduated 2015)
kai Visiting student Kai PFIEFFER (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) (graduated 2016)
sebastian Visiting student Marie-Morgane PAUMARD (École normale supérieure de Rennes, France)
sebastian Visiting student Madhi ABID (Montpellier University, France) (graduated 2015)
Visiting student Adrien JACOB (Univ. Paul Sabatier, France) (graduated 2015)
sebastian Visiting student Gautier DAUNE (UTC, France) 2015
sebastian Visiting student Sebastian MILLER (Polytech' Clermont Ferrand, France) 2015
cadic Visiting student Jean-Maximilien CADIC (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France) (graduated 2015)
Raynal Visiting student Geoffrey RAYNAL (PolyTech' Clermont Ferrand, France) 2014
suatac Visiting student Baris SUATAC (Sabanci University, Turkey) 2014
Visiting student Celine HAMON (Paris Univ.)(graduated 2010)



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