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Where to find us?

From March 1st 2022 there are 2 locations for the GVLab: the historic lab is in TUAT Koganei campus,
the newly opened lab is in UT Hongo campus.
Verify where you need to go!

> TUAT lab
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology - Koganei Campus
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
2-24-16 Nakacho Koganei-shi 184-8588 Tokyo - Japan

The lab is located in building 14 in the ground floor. Entrance through the lounge cafe space. look at the map below!

It's about 7~10 min walk from Higashi-Koganei Station on the JR Chuo line. It's a 25 minutes train ride from Shinjuku station, 40min train ride from Tokyo station. look at the map below!

Google map

> UT lab
Tokyo University - Hongo Campus
Department of Mechanical Engineering
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 - Japan

The lab offices are located in Engineering building 2, on the 7th floor, rooms 71D1 & 71C1 

It's about 7 min walk from Nezu or Todaimae stations or 10 min from Hongo 3-chome station.

How to contact us?


> email
gvinfo (at) cc (dot) tuat (dot) ac (dot) jp




We usually welcome visitors with great pleasure.

We are happy to arrange for lab tours and seminars for our visitors.

If you are visiting Tokyo do not hesitate to contact us and come to see us.
We appreciate that you contact us at least 2weeks prior your visit so that we can plan a productive visit.

We also arrange lab tours for groups for the general audience and for lectures and invited seminars.

For more information and for arranging your visit, Do not hesitate to contact us!
gvinfo (at) cc (dot) tuat (dot) ac (dot) jp

Prospective students

We welcome students and researchers at every stage of their career for collaborative work.

From March 1st 2022 we can only host students and visitors at our new UT lab, unless prior arrangements have been made withthe TUAT lab.
We can host for research internship, master, PhD, postdoc...
There exists a number of fundations that can grant financial support for your stay. For offcial grant and scholarship applications, please contact us at least 3 months prior to the offcial deadline of submission. Many applications have to go through our offices and internal deadlines (usually about 6 weeks) apply.

provides information about scholarships.

is a great funding agency when considering doing research with us.

Master degree holders and Bachelor degree holders with outsanding results (who successfully passes the equivalence interview) can apply to a Monbukagakusho scholarship, Moritani scholarship...

> TUAT lab

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> UT lab

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