We are temporarily unable to take any new research students and internship students for the spring, summer and fall 2022.
From March 1st 2022 there will some significant changes in the organization of the GVLab. Stay tuned!

coming soon all times are JST

2022-4-6~7-31 Biennale internationale design
Yokobo at the biennaleYokobo is exhibited at the Biennale Internationale Design 2022 for 4 months. @Saint Etienne, France

2022-4-26 Seminar
Prof. B. Indurkhya from AGH, Poland will give a seminar on "Grounding Robot Understanding Through Participatory Prototyping of Robot Behaviours". @Newcastle, UK

2022-6-13~17 Conference Presentation
D. Deuff will present our joint work with Strate, LS2N and Orange at DIS 2022 on "Together alone, Yōkobo, a sensible presence robject for the home of newly retired couples". @Newcastle, UK

2022-8-30~9-1 Conference Presentation
P. Carreno will present our joint work with Monash University at Participatory Design Conference 2022 on "Grounding Robot Understanding Through Participatory Prototyping of Robot Behaviours". @Newcastle, UK

recent news

2022-4-1 GVLab is moving
From April 1st the GVLab has 2 locations in Tokyo and 2 teams: GVLab@TUAT and GVLab@UT. For the detailed locations look there. Before visiting us double check which location to go.

2022-1-7 Podcast
GV was interview in "the curious podcast, Listen to women in Science and Tech share their insights", about robots, education, and career path. Listen here

2022-1-1 Best wishes!

2021-11-19 in the press
An article (in French) about Yokobo, on the website of the ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères, "Yōkobo, le robjet récompensé par le prix « Kawaii Kansei Design Award »".

2021-10-25 in the press
An interview by C. Pasteau of GV and D. Deuff about Yokobo has been published in Hello Future Orange "Yōkobo: Finding a Discreet Place for Robots in Connected Homes".

2021-10-12 Women in Robotics
GV has been listed in the “50 women in robotics you need to know about”, 2021!

2021-8-25 Award
We are very please to announce that our new robot Yokobo has been awarded the 2021 Kawaii design award! A beautiful reward for more than a year of work with our students, partners at Orange, at LS2N and at Strate, and an example of our interdisciplinary research activities!

2021-6-7 New members
We are pleased to welcome B. Muraccioli from Montpellier University and D. Beschi from Strate for 3months as vsiting students. Unfortunately not in person though... Welcome!

2021-5-10 New member
We are pleased to welcome C. Noyer from Montpellier University as a vsiting student. Unfortunately not in person yet though... Welcome!

2021-4-14 New member
We are pleased to welcome Z. Peishu as a research student. Unfortunately not in person yet though... Welcome!

newly published

IEEE Trans. on Human-Machine Systems
Y. Hu, N. Abe, M. Benallegue, N. Yamanobe, G. Venture, E. Yoshida, Towards Active Physical Human-Robot Interaction: quantifying the human state during interactions, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/THMS.2021.3138684

A. Hayashi, L. Rincon, G. Venture, Improving HRI with Force Sensing, 10,15, 2021. open access

R. Mallat, V. Bonnet, R. Dumas, M. Adjel, G. Venture, M. Khalil, S. Mohammed, Sparse Visual-Inertial Measurement Units Placement for Gait Kinematics Assessment, Vol. 29, pp. 1300-1311, 2021. 10.1109/TNSRE.2021.3089873

Y. Jiang, V. Hernandez, G. Venture, D. Kulic, B. Chen, Prediction of fatigue in exercises using wearable and force plate data: A Machine Learning/Deep Learning approach, Sensors, No. 21, Vol. 4, 2021. Open Access

P. Zguda, A. Kolota, G. Venture, B. Sniezynski, B. Indurkhya, Exploring the role of trust and expectations in CRI using in-the-wild studies, 10(3), 347, 2021. Open Access

IEEE Access
E. Coronado, P. Carreno-Medrano, L. Tian, D. Deuff, D. Kulic, S. Sumartojo, F. Mastrogivanni, G. Venture, Towards a Modular and Distributed End-User Development Framework forHuman-Robot Interaction, 2021. Open Access


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