• Cooperation of Three National Universities in West Tokyo
Cooperation of Three National Universities in West Tokyo

About Global Resource Development Education

To resolve the global challenges that our modern society has, interdisciplinary effort and idea generation through integration of the humanities and social sciences with natural sciences and engineering is required. Three national universities, all located close by in West Tokyo, namely the University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the University of Electro-Communications, have collaboratively launched an educational program to develop minds and skills to pursue interdisciplinary collaborations with students, over and above the expertise they acquire through education at their own university.

The program offers two sets of courses. In the Inter-University Freshman Seminars, students from different disciplines at the three universities work together on social challenges through discussion and collaboration. Through such activities, students are expected to learn various perspectives and become aware of the need for broad thinking and interdisciplinary approaches. The Inter-University Special Lectures offer more than 30 courses in English on a wide range of international liberal arts subjects and basic science. These courses aim to equip students with fundamental sets of knowledge that would enable them to engage in discussion and international collaborations in English for their studies and research abroad.

Some syllabi are available in English, though further information and the application forms for the courses are available only in Japanese (please follow the links below).