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Establishment of “AVEC Board”

AVEC symposium has been organized in selected countries around the world every two years since its first symposium started in Yokohama in 1992. AVEC has been continuing for more than two-decade history and it has been recognized for its excellent reputation internationally in the field of vehicle dynamics and control. The purpose of AVEC at the time that it was established is to provide a place for experts in academia and industry, with approximately equal participations appearing from each, to communicate and exchange the knowledge and vision each other.

To continue the long legend of AVEC and make the symposium better in quality and grow further in the future, we would like to propose the establishment of the permanent board of AVEC.

Name of organization:

AVEC Board

Objectives of the organization:

  • - To promote the research and development in the field of vehicle dynamics and control, not only from theoretical approaches but also from engineering/industry points of view.
  • - To maintain the aim and keep the standards of AVEC symposium as well as continue its long-term legend and control the quality of the symposium.


  1. AVEC Board is responsible for determining the desired locations for organizing AVEC symposia every two years.
  2. AVEC Board is responsible for determining the general chairperson and the institution responsible for organizing an AVEC symposium. The designated general chairperson should be included as a member of the board and he/she should discuss with AVEC Board about forming the International Scientific Committee and the Local Organizing Committee of each AVEC symposium.
  3. AVEC Board members shall meet when AVEC symposia are held. Besides the face-to-face meeting, email communications for decisions of the board are also valid.
  4. AVEC Board consists of two main officers: President and Secretary General from Japan, and selected members from Japan and other regions around the world.
  5. The International Scientific Committee of AVEC takes part in promoting the symposium, abstract/paper review, AVEC symposium program, AVEC best paper award selection and organizing a special event in the symposium if necessary.
  6. The Local Organizing Committee of AVEC is responsible for the administration of AVEC.