★ Post doc - Assistant Professor

2017~now V. Hernandez, post doc

2016~now L. Rincon project assistant professor

2015-2016 A. Collo GIR project assistant professor

2014-2016 V. Bonnet JSPS Postdoctoral researcher P-14768

2014~ R. Baddoura visiting researcher from INSERM, Lyon, France

2013 V. Bonnet JSPS Postdoctoral researcher PE13559

2012 Q. Zhang JSPS Postdocoral researcher PE12025

★ PhD students

Supervision of the PhD students and visiting PhD students of my laboratory.

2018~ S. Shimizu, Motion generation of humanoid robots using low dimension data

2017~ L.-E. Coronado, NEP a unified framework for robot programming with human interactions

2016~ T. Izui, The metamorph robot

2015~2017 J. Lin, Motion segmentation and inverse optimal control (visiting from University of Waterloo, Canada)

2015~2017 J.-A. Claret, Emotional motion for humanoid robots using null-space decomposition (visiting from Technical University of Catalonia, Spain)

2014~2016 R. Matthew, Identification of the human arm dynamics for control analysis (visiting from Berkeley University, Berkeley, USA)

2013~2016 S. Traversaro, Identification of humanoid robots (visiting from Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy)

2012~2018 T. Aoki: Recognition of Whole Body Motion by IMU and Force Plate

2012~2013 C. Hansen, Role of the minimal inertia axis in the kinaesthetic control of unconstrained 3D movements. (visiting from C.I.A.M.S., Univ. Paris-Sud 11, Orsay, France)

2011~2014 R. Baddoura, The familiar in human-robot interaction (visiting from C.R.I.S.E.S., Univ. of Montpellier, Montpellier, France)

2008~2010 K. Ayusawa Co-supervison Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo.

★ Master student

Supervision of the students of my laboratory and visiting students for research internship.

2020 S. Hagane, on going
2020 A. Oosone, on going
2020 K. Nomura, on going
2020 T. Harada, on going
2020 K. Kato, on going
2020 Z. Izzati Binti Zainalkefli, on going

2019 T. Kawagoe, on going
2019 T. Suzuki, on going
2019 M. Baba, on going
2019 S. Kato, on going
2019 K. Suzui, on going

2018 K. Nemoto, 2 – step gesture recognition using HMM with SAX algorithm
2018 T. Yamaguchi, Development of a pathological healthcare system for early detection of gait abnormalities
2018 R. Matsunaga, Study on fatigue analysis during long time walking - A proposal for alternative protocols -
2018 S. Shimizu, Stable motion generation of humanoid using FPCA based retargetting
2018 R. Fawzi, on going
2018 R. Rehouni, on going
2018 S. Pattar, on going
2018 A. Elshaiki, on going
2018 C. Law, on going

2017 S. Futamure, Development of kinematic and dynamic optimal human body model for motion analysis
2017 T. Katsumata, Adaptive cartesian force control using payload dynamics and geometric identification
2017 E. Chabert, Development of intelligent systems that understand human behavior
2017 L.E. Coronado, Unscripted human-robot interaction analysis
2017 Y. Yu, Development of a software interface for the programming of emotionally intelligent robots
2017 D. Craste, Control of mobile robot for human gait analysis and tracking

2016 R. Marko, Multi-Modal Human-Robot Interaction Interface
2016 M. Loghmani, Novel human emotion recognition algorithm for the development of an emotionally intelligent systemfor HRI
2016 A. Canton, Implementation of a mobile platform for real-time gait recording and analysis
2016 K. Chirk, Development of an assisitve device for gait and sit-to-stand support
2016 N. Tabti, Estimation of joint angles and segments lengths of a human using Kinect 2
2016 K. Pfeiffer, Pseudo-online generation of optimal exciting motions for identification of a humanoid robot
2016 M. Dubois, Influence of Emotional Motions in Human-Robot Interactions
2016 K. Nagaoka, Development of passive mechanical shoe for humanoid robots that imitates the human plantar arch
2016 K. Kitamura, Elucidating grammar of human movements
2016 M. Hotoda, Algebraic proof of Inertial Parameters Identifiability in the case of Closed Loop Structure
2016 S. Morishima, Humanoid robot motion generation using FPCA
2016 T. Izui, Predictive models of impression in HRI

2015 J.-M. Cadic, Social representation into human groups through stochastic and hybrid architecture
2015 R. Elleuch, A measure of drudgery of work for construction workers based on motion analysis
2015 G. Daune, Estimation of human body inertial parameters using a Kinect 2
2015 M. Abid, Estimation des parametres segmentaires et inertiels d'un humain a l'aide de methodes d'identification
2015 M.-M. Paumard, Object Shapes Recognition from Haptics (Ecole Normale Superieure de Rennes, France)
2015 A. Jacob, Robot
2015 S. Miller, Development of a complete human/robot interaction system
2015 A. Feadda, Human actions detection using low-cost sensors and data mining techniques
2015 P. Vasudevan, Indriya : An experimental platform for Human Robot Interaction based on human behaviors
2015 T. Yabuki, Motion classification and recognition using only contact force
2015 Y Mikami, Comparison of identification methods for humanoid robots
2015 R. Hosoda, Rehabilitation of prolonged standing posture with FES

2014 F. Philipp, Dynamics identification of humanoid robots for control applications (Université de Strasbourg- Telecom Physique Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France)
2014 G. Raynal, Designing an experimental environment for HRI studies (PolyTech' Clermont Ferrand, Clermont Ferrand, France)
2014 T. Zhang, Individual Recognition from gait patterns
2014 Y Ogawa, Human gait analysis aiming at applying the plantar arch to biped robots
2014 D. Maita, Study on the influence of the model's kinematics on human body dynamics identification
2014 Y. Kinase, Estimating Mood Variation from EMG during gait

2013 K. Aoki, IDCS based controller for industrial robots with a flexible arm
2013 S. Sakaguchi, Active joint visco-elasticity estimation of the human knee using FES
2013 T. Iwasaki, Study on dynamics identification of the joint viscoelasticity of a humanoid robot

2012 T. Aoki, Human motion recognition using IMU
2012 K. Enomoto, Markerless motion capture using sensor fusion
2012 Y. Kawashima, Computation of the contact forces at the plural point of contact

2010 C. Hamon, Identification of the human dynamics using IMU sensors and contact force profile recognition. (ISIR., Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)

2007-2008: Co-supervisor of a graduate student from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo.

2003: During my PhD I had the responsibility to supervise a master degree student during six months. The aim was to create a contact forces observer for wheeled systems.

Co-supervison of master students from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology on their research project at the University of Tokyo.

★ Undergraduate students
Supervision of the students of my laboratory and co-supervision of international students visiting the lab:

2019 B. Zheng,
2019 S. Yamaguchi,
2019 R. Miyanohara,
2019 K. Higuchi,
2019 T. Yokoyama,

2018 K. Kato, Mood estimation model based on the QCR force plate information during sitting
2018 Z. Binti Zainalkefli, Adaptive-Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for development of control system and motion generation in robot
2018 T. Umeda, Study on impression evaluation of head robot using ultrasonic motor
2018 S. Hagane, Adaptive Generalized Predictive Control for 7 DoF robot arm
2018 A. Oozone, Proposal of an assistive upper limb device when carrying heavy loads
2018 J. Zheng, Effect of body language of instructors (human, virtual, robotic) on students’ learning ability, co-supervised with prof. M.-L. Bourguet (QMUL, UK)
2018 Z. Chen, Hand writing affective component in HRI, co-supervised with prof. M.-L. Bourguet (QMUL, UK)

2017 M. Baba, Development of grasping force retention devices using MR fluid
2017 S. Kato, Development of a robot that can understand situations during handover
2017 K Watanabe, Motion recognition using load sensors
2017 K. Suzui, Passive Device for Bipedal Robot to Walk on Uneven Terrain
2017 T. Suzuki,
3D back curvature analysis using recurrent CNN for scoliosis diagnosis
2017 H. Hendra,
2017 J. Pham,

2016 K. Nemoto, Gait differences analysis with PCA
2016 R. Matsunaga, Study of fatigue during gait
2016 T. Yamaguchi, Back curvature analysis
2016 K.C. Yaw, Mobile platform development for gait analysis
2016 K. Nakaishi, EMG controlled robot arm

2015 S. Futamure, Identification of human dynamics using open-source software
2015 T. Izui, Generation of emotional gait of robot and perception by human users
2015 H. Takaiwa, Non-verbal HRI
2015 T. Katsumata, Blind identification of the shape of objects manipulated by a robot
2015 M. Corbeau, PCA based motion analysis and classification
2015 N. Doshida, Analysis f grasping motions for future HRI
2015 Y. Kian Kun
2015 P. Lim

2014 B. Suatac, Dynamics modelling of human and robot using Opensim and SYMORO (Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey)
2014 M. Wahab, Control of a robot arm using EMG (MJIIT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
2014 S. Morishima, Motion Generation for Humanoid robots Using Functional PCA
2014 M. Hotoda, Inertial Parameters Identi cation of Closed Loop Structure Robots -Dynamics Identi cation of the Closed Loop Structure to be Formed to Two Manipulator Robots-
2014 R. Kikuchi, Adaptive control system using the IDCS for a robot arm
2014 K Nagaoka, Inertial Parameters Identi cation of Closed Loop Structure Robots -Simulation and Identi ability of Two-dimensional Simple Model of Closed Loop Structure Models-
2014 T. Kasaki, Development of auto tracking program by KLT and SURF for chicks

2013 R. Hosoda, Human joint torque estimation using EMG
2013 Y. Ohta, Chicks behavior analysis with video-based motion capture using optical flow
2013 M. Iijima, Estimation of contact forces on inclined floor
2013 T. Yabuki, Motion recognition from contact forces
2013 S. Hasegawa, IMU and Stereo camera based motion capture system

2012 R. Matsukata, The IDCS control of humanoid robot“ NAO ”using inertial identi cation
2012 N. Tsukabe, Automatic behaviour analysis using video motion capture
2012 T. Zhang, Individual and emotion recognition from motion data using feature vectors
2012 D. Maita, Driving movement analysis using motion capture and force measurement
2012 Y. Ogawa, Gait analysis for the design of a biped robot foot imitating human plantar arch

2011 S. Sakaguchi, IMU sensor based inverse kinematics of human for dynamics identification
2011 K. Aoki, High speed control of a flexible robot arm using IDCS
2011 H. Shikano, Dynamics identification using Wii remote controller and Wii Balance board

2010 S. Mogi, 6dof system inverse kinematics computation using a single IMU sensor
2010 T. Kojima, Fast Motion Control of Robotic Systems Using Inverse Dynamics Compensation via 'Simulation of Feedback Control Systems'(IDCS)

2006: Co-supervison of 2 undergraduate students from the School of Engineering on their research project at the University of Tokyo.

★ PhD defense committee member

2017 A. Muller, ENS Rennes - Université Bretagne Loire, France (Rapporteur)
2016 V. Hernandez, Université de Toulon, France
2016 T. Wachi, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2015 F. Foconne, Universite Paris Sud, France (Rapporteur)
2013 K. Shimono, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2013 R. Baddoura, Montpellier University, France (Rapporteur)
2011 Q. Zhang, Montpellier University, France
2010 M. A. Abdullah, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
2010 K. Ayusawa, Tokyo University
2009 K. Hironaka, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology