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The subject of research in Umebayashi laboratory is wireless communications and wireless networks. In our laboratory, we want to envision a world where everyone can be happy, and therefore we pursue the highest level of research every day.

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What's new

    Dr. Kenta Umebayashi appeared on the following TV program.
    ■ Program name:

    Ehime CATV terrestrial digital 111ch Taun Channel Taun Square.

    ■ Broadcast date and time: Wednesday, March 10, 19:00.
    The broadcast has ended, but you can watch the broadcast on the YouTube channel.

    ■ Appearance content:
    Demonstration experiment of Japan-Europe project 5G-Enhance in Ehime prefecture.

    Mr. Ishihara (B4) made a research presentation at the Wireless Communication System Study Group held online from January 21st to 22nd, and won the Excellent Presentation Award at the first year presenter competition.

    Mr. Iwata (PD) and Mr. Ebisawa (M1) gave presentations at the Smart Radio Study Groupheld online from November 18th to 20th.

    We met with B3.

    Associate professor Umebayashi has been promoted to professor. Congratulations!

    Suzuki (M1) attend a meeting online May 21-22 and gave a research presentation at Radio Communication System Study Group (RCS).

    Mr. Janne visited the Umebayashi Laboratory from Oulu University and deepened his friendship for about a month through research exchanges and dinner parties.

    Mr. Antti visited the Umebayashi Laboratory from Oulu University on October 3-16 and deepened his friendship through research exchange meetings, sightseeing, and dinner parties.

    Five new undergraduate students were assigned to the laboratory as new member.

    Mr. Iwata (PD), Mr. Kasahara (M1), and Mr. Ishihara (B3)on November 26th and 27th at the Interdisciplinary Research Group (RISING) on Superintelligence Networkingheld at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus gave presentations.

    Mr. Okawa (M1) gave a research presentation on July 10-12 at Smart Wireless Research Group held at Osaka Prefecture University I-site Namba gave a research presentation.

    Mr. Satya visited the Umebayashi Laboratory from Oulu University and deepened his friendship for a week through research exchanges and meals.

    Mr.Iwata (PD) and Mr. Yahiro (B4) on May 30th and 31st at the smart wireless study group held at Tokyo Big Sight gave presentations.

    Mr.Iwata (PD) from 15th to 19th April at WCNCW gave a research presentation in Marrakech, Morocco

    Ahmed Al-Tahmeesschi, a postdoctoral fellow, and Doaa Abdelhameed, a 1st year doctoral student, have joined the laboratory as new members.

    We had a meaningful exchange of opinions at a research exchange meeting with Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc in this year as well.

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